5 Easy ways of how to teach your child to read

by Manali Desai

Expert 03Reading is a good habit! But, how to teach your child to read? Well! The answer is really easy. Here is how…

I want to ask you all a simple question. “How are you able to understand what I am writing?” Confused? What I am trying to point out here is the fact that, if not for the knowledge of language, you wouldn’t be able to read this! Leave that aside, you wouldn’t be able to communicate even!

Teach your child how to read 01Scary, right? That’s why we need the powerful tool of language, today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives. A lot of language and psychology experts have proven that the best age for language acquisition is when you are a toddler. So, yay! Your child can actually beat you in a language quiz if the instillation begins at the right time. How to do this though? Language acquisition is made up of four crucial parts namely, (i) listening, (ii) speaking, (iii) reading and (iv) writing. Listening obviously happens naturally since I am sure no family has the rule “Keep quiet! There’s a child in the room.” 🙂

It’s the other three skills which need to be inculcated, especially the habit of reading. It’s this one that shall take him places. So, to teach your child to read should definitely be under your list of “what to teach your children“. 

Say your child is the keeps-you-on-your-toes types, how to make such a child read? Or worse, what if he just doesn’t like to read? Don’t worry! I am sharing with you 5 amazing tips and tricks which, if followed in the right manner, could make your child develop the habit of reading, if not fall in love with it. Teach it to your children and there will be no turning back from then on.
Let’s open up the magic box which will help you just how to teach your children to read:

1. Don’t tell them the stories; ask them to read along with you: This will not only help you how to teach it your children, but will keep their interest in the story perked up at all times during the story telling.Teach your child how to read 022. Write them notes for the little instructions and information: Post-it notes are such a wonderful innovation in the stationery kit. Put them to use! Teach your child how to read 033. “Gift a book” instead of a toy: All families should develop this habit. Teaching your children to read will become easier because a gift brings joy and they’ll be open to accepting it then if given otherwise. Teach your child how to read 044. Give them perks for it: You can start fun activities like
a) word of the day
b) thought for the day
Let them hunt these down and give them perks like stationery items, chocolates and so on. This will keep their interest up and slowly they’ll start to like reading too. Teach your child how to read 055. Start your day with news: Reading the headlines from the newspaper or from the television can be made a daily activity. Encourage them to read it on their own rather than reading it out for them. Ask them to fetch the newspaper in the morning and make them read out the news to you. When watching the news on television, ask them what the news headlines and the scrolling news on the screen say.  Teach your child how to read 06There are a lot more ways over and above these and you can even use your creative mind to come up with better ideas. The main objective here is to make them develop the habit of reading, so that they learn the language better and communicate well. Here’s hoping that the Gen-Nex will be better and more effective in their communication through their reading skills and knowledge.

Disclaimer: According to several research studies, children usually don’t start reading before the age of 5 or 6, however, each kid is unique. Some may start even later than the suggested age.




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3 thoughts on “5 Easy ways of how to teach your child to read

  1. Good stuff, great ways to get them into reading. Not a fan of Chocolate as a perk though 🙂

    For early readers who are starting out bob books are really good.

  2. Indeed, very informative. With so many technological advancements, we have been able to create immersive experiences over the web as well. One such example to teach children the language is this story on youtube -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpL_FZyYkr0

    It not only teaches the children about the solar system, but also passes on a good morale of collaboration. The best part is how the artist has linked the words with various planets, the Sun and the Comet. Do check it out.

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