Thought For The Day – Treat A Child

The life of a child is precious. Not many kids would have a focussed ambition. Their aspirations change with time. But if you clearly notice, there would be a pattern. Your child would want to become someone so as to attain something or gain a vision. To have a vision in life is most important for a child. How to imbibe the idea in your child? How you treat a child decides what he/she would become eventually.

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day – Treat a child

Thought for the day - Treat a child

“Treat A Child As Though He Already Is The Person He’s Capable Of becoming.”- Haim Ginott

Adults have a habit of underestimating their kids. They think that their kid wouldn’t understand everything. For instance, everyone would have come across the situation where they uttered something absentmindedly and their kids caught it. Kids observe and understand everything. EVERYTHING Every instance would be etched in their memory. Hence we are titled to give them something that they would be proud of reproducing.

Treat a child in such a way that they feel important. You need not give them to have their way. You can make them feel important without doing so. By treating them like a grown-up. Include them in your decisions, howsoever silly or important it would be. Thus you can give them the most important lessons of decision making, leadership, and problem-solving.

Do you treat your child like a grown-up? Share your experiences and opinions in the comment section below.

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