Amazing and affordable collection of cotton knitted baby blankets

Check out best of the best designs, colors and cute motifs in the latest and 100 percent cotton baby blanket collection, perfect for this season!

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This time of the year, a mother of a toddler is busy checking out an amazing online baby store. Oh! Yes, my Brat H is growing too fast. He likes to have his hands and toes peeping out of the blanket all night long. They just can’t stay inside the covers and so I spend sleepless nights trying to keep him all covered in the layers. Afterall, it’s winters setting in now. Finding just the right kind of pram blanket or a lightweight blanket for outdoor travel, activities and similar purposes is an issue too! I am pretty much done with the traditional quilt for the little one. He hates the overpowering heat of the fur.

So, how I landed up at Pluchi’s baby store has a story behind it. This summer, we were getting far too much efficiency from our air conditioning, so the room was super freezing. Brat H needed something comfortable, cozy and full-length that would wrap around him. A friend suggested I pick up a cotton knitted baby blanket for him. And, I found this amazing online shopping site for baby and kids products.Cotton baby blankets 02

Plush, chic, trendy, knit designs and patterns that are in sync with new summer and winter fashion, we are in love with Pluchi and here is why.

Lovey Dovey Birdie Kids Blanket has multi-color birds all over. The chirping motifs printed on a cozy, cotton blanket is a great way to end the day. Brat H loves to be wrapped up nice as we snuggle up to sleep (yes, I do manage to shrink in a little :D). If you were me, you too would love to have your baby getting cozied up in summer’s AC cool room or winter’s blanket warmth. Besides, newborns are bound to get fascinated by the cute little beings and motifs, such as birdies in our case or it could be baby giraffes, naughty rabbits, juicy apples or vintage cars in your case! The one I have is ideal for 3 to 7 year olds. It is actually big enough for a cozy snuggle and small enough to take everywhere!  All this for 1599 (INR). Not bad at all.Cotton baby blankets 03

Blanket’s USPs for your quick look:

  • Knitted and breathable: Very soft hand feel.
  • Easy to care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry or flat dry.
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard: 100% certified- free of harmful substances.
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Baby blankets are priced at 1199 and 1399 (INR) and ideal for newborns up to 3 years old. Also available at Pluchi (i) Related baby accessories such as:- cute baby caps, comfortable sleepbags, multi-utlility wash cloths which have skin-soft-touch, actually a set of 3 wash cloths in gorgeous colors come handy during baby feeding, washing and wiping; (ii) Home interiors items such as:- throw blankets, cushions, pillows, stylish hot water bottle covers; (iii) Women fashion clothes such as:- maternity and fashionable ponchos, trendy bags and travel pouches.

For more information, collection preview or in order to buy online, click on the logo. You can also visit their Facebook page.Cotton baby blankets 06

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