Letter to gestating mothers – ‘Relax. Before it gets too real’

Here is a letter laced with humor written with the intention of explaining just a few things to all the gestating mothers of the world. Read on for some Monday fun

Dear gestating-me,

You are just a couple of months shy of popping out. In about sixty days, you will probably have a rushed experience that will involve removing the baby from its warm and cozy nest. Or if you are lucky, you might well be pushing out the newborn, and hysterically telling yourself perhaps semi-hysterically: “I am not doing this! I’d rather die!” However, beyond of all of this, the labor is only a matter of (under) 48 hours, while the baby will be there for a l-i-f-e-t-i-m-e! And we are not even talking about child rearing days. Not yet.

“But that’s not happening right now. Your bun is still ba(s)king in the oven. So, tell you what… Don’t think too much. Get some sleep, at least snooze for a few uninterrupted hours before your hell breaks loose,” said my mum assertively one day. She was visiting me, clinging to a severely outdated tradition, in the form of a nutritious jarful of nuts layered with empathy which was passed on to me.

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