Why do you need a toning massage oil for an after pregnancy care

Massage is an essential part of the after-pregnancy-care. Here is one such toning oil which can strengthen and tone up the postnatal skin in no time!

One of my favorite indulgences post-delivery and so much I would look forward to was my daily massage. The only way to relax all the muscle tension, put a pause to those endless thoughts of how to care for my baby, the answer to my questionable mood-swings and the only way to ease those sore spots- ‘the wonderful half-an-hour massage’!after-pregnancy-care

Massage proved out to be really effective for my after-pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and better health. I also realized that good toning massage oil can strengthen and tone up the postnatal skin.

Postnatal body needs to relax:

Having had to deliver my baby via caesarean section, I wasn’t up for a rigorous, one-hour daily massage soon after I was discharged. That is not even recommended. So, I decided to go for an aromatic, gentle massage for the entire body (except lower abdomen) exactly two weeks post-delivery. This is one precaution every mother who has had a C-section must take in order to let her wound heal. The another thing you must take care of is to instruct your masseuse to apply light to mild pressure in the entire body.

So, mommies, two weeks into postpartum, I decided to pamper myself. I went on and tried Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil. Actually, one of my friends recommended it to me. She told me that the soothing lavender aroma of this toning massage oil will take all the strain from my body. I wasn’t sure how but anyway, I purchased a 200 ml bottle. The next day I went on to try it on my sleepless, tired and miserably parched-dead looking skin. Just a couple of minutes of letting my maalish-wali apply it on my skin and trust me- this toning oil relaxed every sore bit of my body, every aching muscle, that too- within no seconds.

Goodness packed in Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil:

Made of natural and herbal ingredients such as sesame oil, country mallow, winter cherry and aloe vera, Himalaya FOR MOMS toning massage oil controls your mood-swings, leaving you invigorated like never before. An effective massage with this toning oil helped stimulate my blood circulation, thereby reducing pain in my back and swelling of my feet. So, I totally recommend a good 20 to 30 minutes massage for new moms for an ultimate pampering session. What’s even better is that you can apply it even if yours isn’t a post-pregnancy body. The aroma of this oil is bound to comfort you bringing down all the built-up stress, rejuvenating your mind and senses. Let the oil get absorbed by your skin nicely and follow- it up with a warm bath for best results.after-pregnancy-care-02


Available in two pack sizes: 200 and 500 ml, it is super effective and really affordable. Click to purchase onlineSo, all you to-be-moms and new moms here is hoping you will take good care of your body and pamper yourself with our best of the best recommendations of toning massage oils.

How to apply:

The toning oil should be used on the entire body. Apply it gently to massage your neck, legs, arms, back in circular motion before bathing. For best results, use this toning massage oil in your daily pre-bath skin care routine.

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  • December 28, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    Himalaya is a great brand and obviously there products would also be very good. we definitely need a toned massage oil for the body after delivery. I havent used this one so dont know about the results but next time will definitely give it a try


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