Ideal Family Vacation Spot, Courtallam, The Spa Of The South

Summer holidays each year meant a visit to a new location for a family vacation. My grandfather wanted the whole family to go out together for holidays this year. My grandparents, my uncle’s family, my aunt’s family, and my family, we all were going along. Planning a holiday for 3-4 people is easy but planning one for almost 15 people is a huge task. Everything had to be planned meticulously for the comfort of everyone. After much discussion, we all decided to go to Courtallam, to relax in the midst of greenery and waterfalls. So, this year our vacation spot Courtallam was frozen upon!

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After the holiday destination was finalized, we searched for resorts booked rooms for all of us. With two hurdles done, the only one left was how would we travel to Courtallam. The city was not very far from Madurai, and booking a cab seemed most feasible. My uncle was quite particular and asked us only to use a licensed and top-rated taxi service in Madurai.

So we went back to the internet to look for ca services. Saavari car rental was one of the top results with quite a few good reviews. We left them a message and their representative called us back almost immediately. The Saavari support person understood our requirements and suggested a package best suited to us.

Overview and Daily Activities:

On the designated day of our travel, we were surprised by the call from the Saavari chauffer to inform us that they had arrived at our doorstep. We had to book a total of 3 SUVs for all 15 of us. Each of these drivers was extremely courteous and helped in stowing our luggage. But before we started, the chauffers confirmed the route we would take. They spoke about the different routes to Courtallam, and they also had information on any eateries on the way. Once we were done deciding, we started on our long-awaited journey.

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We took the NH85 to head to Courtallam. The early morning breeze was soothing and the greenery on the way made an excellent companion. The few hours to reach Courtallam passed in a jiffy with all of us chatting in our own cars. We had made few pits stop on the way, for taking pictures or just to enjoy the serenity of scenic spots on the way. And still, we were able to reach Courtallam by the pre-decided time. Each driver was an expert in their driving skills.

We had booked a resort on the outskirts of Courtallam, which was surrounded by beautiful hills. We checked in and rested in our rooms for a bit. After freshening up and light snacks we headed to the Five Falls. We had planned to stay for 3 days in Courtallam and the Saavari executives had helped us in finalizing our itinerary to cover most of the attractions of Courtallam as well.

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The younger generation was interested in enjoying the various waterfalls and the older generation wanted to visit all the temples along with the waterfalls. So one of the drivers suggested that the youngsters enjoy the waterfalls while the elders visited the temples and returned. Two of the drivers decided to stay back with the kids as well to ensure that they were at safe hands.

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The three days passed in a jiffy with so many healing waterfalls like Five Falls, Main Falls, Old Courtallam waterfall, and Tiger falls. Apart from these falls we also visited the beautiful and ancient temples of Coutallam like Chitra Sabhai temple, Thirumalai Kovil, Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Tiruchendur temple, and Nellaiappar temple.

How to Reach Courtallam- Cabs From Madurai:

The route from Madurai to Courtallam is quite scenic so road travel is the best way to enjoy it. Driving by self gets hectic and the driver is not able to enjoy the trip. And since we were able to hire an affordable car in Madurai with an expert driver for each family with Savaari, we were able to enjoy the road trip to the fullest.

Saavari had good reviews for Madurai car rentals. They followed a transparent billing system along with zero cancellation charges. While they were explaining their packages, we were also given the option of picking the kind of car that we wanted. And while being on the trip, we realized that each of their drivers is experienced and well trained for road trips. The Savaari chauffers also picked us up from our doorstep.   

Distance and Time:

The distance between Madurai and Courtallam is approximately 160 km. The journey takes around 3 hours and 40 minutes. The distance and time taken for the journey may vary according to the starting point of the travel and the number of stops during the journey.

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For a relaxing and enjoyable family holiday the rejuvenating natural spa of South India- Courtallam is the best option. The serene surroundings and healing waterfalls are heavens for the body and soul.

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