How To Travel To Greece With Your Children

Travelling with your children can often be quite a tricky task, especially if you plan to travel for a long distance. However, throw in a flight, a car drive, and new places and things can seem to be a lot more complicated. But when traveling to exotic locations, you don’t need the fuss. So, wow to travel to Greece with your children? Well! Sounds like a fab plan and you must read on to make your travel stress-free.

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Depending on their age, children don’t always understand what’s going on, for example, they don’t know you’ve booked a villa in Crete, for example, and that you plan to have a fabulous time away. So how can you make traveling with children easier for everyone? This article will show you how!

How to travel to Greece with your children – Easy travel tips:

1. Tell your children about the holiday

Start mentioning that you’re all going on holiday to Crete a few weeks before you set off. This will help your child to understand that you’re all going away. Even if your little one is too young to really be aware of what you’re saying you may want to mention it anyway just so you get used to telling them about what’s coming up.

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Don’t forget to mention that you’re all going to have a great time, that you’ll visit some beautiful beaches, and do lots of nice things.

2. Travel slowly

As an adult, you’re likely to be well aware that in order to get to your chosen destination you need to hop on a plane and just put up with the length of the journey. However, many children will not understand this, and they are likely to find the whole journey quite tiring. Here is where you could make your journey a lot easier on all of you. Simply take more time to travel. If you can, travel to the airport and give yourself plenty of time to rest. If this means you need to stay somewhere overnight then do.

Your children need to know that they can rest when they need to, and they may also appreciate a bit of quiet time too. You may also want to think about staying somewhere once the plane has arrived in Crete. This may mean your journey turns out to be slightly longer, but again, your child will have the chance to rest and relax, making them and you feel better.

3. Give your children a camera

Children love to take photographs, and they will love nothing more than being able to take pictures of their surroundings. Make sure you are seen taking photographs too as this will encourage your little ones to keep at it. A camera will help to keep your kids entertained, and this is never a bad thing! What’s more, it may also ignite something within your little one, whether it be a lifelong passion for photography or a bit of a hobby.

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4. Use public transport if you can

While you may appreciate hiring a car to take you here and there when you’re on holiday, your children may get a little bored of it. One great way to tackle this is to get the bus or the train now and again. Trust me, your children will appreciate and may actually enjoy traveling somewhere on a bus or a train. It’ll be a good experience for them, and you won’t have to worry about driving or getting lost.

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The beauty of traveling on public transport is that your little ones will get used to it after a while, and this could mean that they have no qualms about hopping on a train or a bus later in life. Plus, every now and again they will be reminded of the time they child-used public transport on holiday, bringing back some good memories, and a smile too.

5. Keep your children entertained

One of the best things you can do while you’re traveling somewhere is to keep your children entertained. When I was a kid my mother used to give myself and my two brothers an activity book, some coloring pens, and a few games. We used to spend hours coloring in as we drove across the country, and looking back, it was a genius of a thing for my mother to do. This is what I recommend you do on your journey to Greece.

Make sure your kids are entertained by giving them a coloring book, pens or pencils. If you have a tablet that your kids can watch movies or play games on, it could also be a bit of a lifesaver. Don’t forget you will have to charge the device, so make sure you have something to give your little ones while the tablet is charging.

6. Ask your children what they would like to do

One of the most important things you can do when you’re on holiday with your little ones is to make them feel included. Ask them what they would like to do when you’re away. Where would they like to go? Making plans together lets your kids feel included, and it helps them to look forward to their time away.

You may want to think about telling them that you need to do something everyone enjoys, so they understand that you all have to share. This can make your time away much better.

There’s no reason why you should not be able to travel to Greece or any other location with your kids. As long as you keep your little ones entertained, you travel slowly so they have time to rest, and you think about giving them a camera, your time away could be a lot of fun, and just what you all needed.

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