The kids grow up believing it’s OK

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on February 16, 2015

TCT brings to you a post on intense child psychology and how kids grow up believing that what they see at home is OK to adopt and practice.

The hard reality is that motherhood is one of the most thankless jobs in this world. Besides, what is even more thankless is the business of wifehood. If a mother is unable to pass on just the right values to her child (specifically her son) then she has pretty much failed in life. That mother is actually encouraging a lot of uninvited misery for her prospective daughter-in-law. If that same mother decides to stay in a loveless marriage or be abused by her in-laws/spouse or husband’s relatives then that’s what her child learns too.

All parents want their children to differentiate between right and wrong, and mind you, values don’t develop on their own. They are taught and embraced. So if the kid sees any sort of physical/mental/verbal abuse happening within the four walls of his house then he grows up to think that it is pretty normal. If he has been lying off late, then it has to be discouraged there and then. I know of this friend who used to overhear adults having conversations. Basic simple, harmless chats about their lives. She would pretend to be asleep, but would continue to hear them pour their hearts out. She began to comprehend it all in her own tweaked manner and grew up to believe in it. The figment of her imagination got exaggerated over time and she decided to believe in the truth she thought she knew better. NO-MATTER how tweaked had her version been.

There has been this ad which is doing the rounds on social media sites in India. Dear friends, take a look at it and tell me how you feel about domestic violence in India. We must raise our voice against it. The entire concept of so-called families that form their foundation on ill-treating the women of their house should be stopped. It starts from your own house.

A healthy motherhood gives way to a healthy wife-hood. If a woman continues to stay unhappy, then her family suffers too. Repercussions are not immediate. They unravel with time. Let’s not have our children learn the hard reality. Let’s keep a check on it right away. My heart bleeds when I say that motherhood and wife-hood are the most thankless jobs in this world. But, that’s the harsh reality and I shall be the first person to shut my eyes forever than see our future generations turning into monsters..

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4 thoughts on “The kids grow up believing it’s OK”

  1. Absolutely true…


    Embedding values play a major role,
    In upbringing a child with chore.
    Parents are duty bound,
    With perseverance all around.
    Togetherness and ties,
    Bring in all wise.
    Encouragement to develop skills,
    Can certainly uplift the child’s will.
    Listening and expressing your thoughts,
    Brings together everyone a lot.
    Limits are to be taught,
    So that the child is not lost.
    Appreciation and rewards,
    Are child’s greatest swards.
    Teachers are included in the role,
    Not to forget their crucial mode.
    Politeness and manners,
    Making them beautiful from soul.
    Lastly in the end,
    Character has to be established till the end.
    Making your child bright,
    Like a smiling flower in the sight.
    Embedding values play a major role,
    Please not forget your chore.

    -Neha Talwar Tandon