What do I tell my little girl about (wearing) makeup?

“Here is what I finally told my little girl who is only 10 but going on 20 about wearing makeup”.. A mother finally breaks her silence!

Makeup. The definition of this word is rather simple. ‘To apply makeup’ means dabbing your face with cosmetics such as lipstick and/or powder – the purpose largely being to enhance the appearance. So, how old was your mother when she started applying makeup? 21? How old were you when you first applied a lip gloss or a rosy blush? 15, maybe? And how old was your daughter when she started wearing makeup? 6? I am not surprised.Little girl wearing makeup 01

I recently met a mom who had bought a mobile handset for her 4-year-old daughter. Yet another had gifted a pack of neon lipsticks to her daughter on her 8th birthday. “That’s her favorite thing these days!” she told me. What a wonderful way to feel guiltless. Continue Reading..



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