Healthy Kids Emulate Healthy Parents – Habits To Inculcate

Healthy kids emulate healthy parents. We know that a child learns from adults. They talk, walk, and express as their parents do. It is why eating is no different and healthy parents lead to fit kids. The manner in which a father or a mother talks about meals or cook food or eat them impacts their children, which can lead to good or bad eating habits. Today, we take a look at how to inculcate good eating habits in young ones through parents.

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Little ones watch adults rather closely. If they see a parent saying thank you and please, they will repeat it too. If they see an adult worrying about nutrition, they will keep it in mind also. Therefore, the first step any parent can take to keep their child fit is to create a healthy attitude towards food. A simple method to do so is to eat wholesome options yourself, and the child will automatically follow you. For instance, check the label for a food license before buying any packaged item.

Healthy Eating Starts At Home For Children:

Another method to demonstrate to kids that eating healthy is crucial is during meal times. Surveys have proven that family mealtime during childhood can inform how people eat during their adulthood. The food choices they make on their own, later on in life, originate from family mealtimes. For instance, children take their meals alongside guardians or parents tend to have more vegetables, fruits, and dairy products when compared to kids who don’t have meals with families.

How Does a Parent Ensure that their Child Grows Up to Have Good Eating Habits?

By taking the following steps:

1. Keep the conversation happy and pleasant during mealtimes. If you are continually scolding the child or arguing with each other, the kid will rush through food and leave the dinner table quickly. Over time, the child will start associating meals with stress, which leads to bad eating habits.

2. Try to cut down the fat intake in your and your child’s meal. To do so, switch to low-fat or non-fat daily products.  Use lean cuts of meat and have poultry without the skin. For bread and cereals try whole grain.

3. Sugar is another aspect that should be monitored. When you teach the child that too much sugar is bad at home, they follow the learning when eating out too. To do so, instead of serving ice-cream for dessert, try fruits. Sweetened drinks should be limited. Also, keep a check on how much salt they are consuming.

4. Keeping an eye on salt, sugar, and fat is just part of eating better at home. Portion control is the other. It takes time for a child to realize they are hungry or full. So, if they ask for a second serving, ask them to wait a few minutes. If they still ask for one, give a small portion size filled with veggies.

5. One typical error most parents make is putting their children on a strict diet if they are overweight. A restrictive diet is not the right regimen for a child; it led to bad habits later on in life. Always consult a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist before putting a kid on any specific diet.

The Critical Importance Of Healthy Food For Kids And Parents:

The importance of healthy eating at an early stage can’t be emphasized enough. It becomes the foundation for life. It is why keeping track of healthy eating at home is not enough? Parents should also be vigilant of what they and their children are consuming outside.

See if the ingredients have trans fats. If yes, then you are better off with another snack. The same logic applies when eating out in a restaurant. An eatery with an FSSAI food license is likely to serve healthier food that complies with some standards.

Teach your child to eat healthily by modeling good behavior. When they see you eating nutritious and nourishing food, they will follow. The habits they pick up at the tender age will be taught for life, which will lead to healthier adults in the future. Be the change you want to see in your young one!

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