Parenting with love and logic

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on August 5, 2015

What is real parenting? Well! Let’s find that out with love and logic!

This past week has been rough. I realized that being opinionated can be a challenge. A part of me could relate to Sandra’s post on real parenting. It’s just that the other day, I encountered something that could best be described as a virtual attack by a couple of mothers who were ready to pounce on me for sharing a simple post on breastfeeding. It was an informative one on benefits of breast milk feeding and I don’t quite know what ticked them off. Neither was I looking down upon anyone nor feeling proud of my personal decision. I was definitely not insensitive towards those who couldn’t for a million reasons. And fishing for sympathies!! Well that certainly isn’t me. 

So, to all you mommies out there who think I ever judged you or the ones who are throwing their own opinions around, let’s get real for once! Shall we?Parenting with love and logic 01

Parenting with love and logic 02

Parenting with love and logic 03

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Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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5 thoughts on “Parenting with love and logic”

  1. I think we all go through times of doubting ourselves. But the truth is, we are all doing a great job! We all have a moment that we just pray we are getting it at least partial right.

    No one ever stops to think to tell a new Mom,” hey, good job!” Reality is your whole world gets upside down and now your full time JOB is your precious baby. At least I want to take this time to say, good job ladies! You’ll question a lot of the things you do, others will make you second guess yourself, BUT you’re sharing and doing everything you know… Remember, no one is perfect. It’s all a learning experience, so take a deep breath, let others say whatever they want and KEEP SHARING!

    Ladies and TCT’s blogger friends, do you agree?

    1. Thanks Akhil for sharing your thought! You are absolutely right in saying that no one ever stops by to tell a mother how good she is at motherhood! We must remember that a mother never competes with another. Love is so eternal that there is no scope of competition!

    2. I totally agree with you akhil! No one is perfect, no one can ever be. But that doesnt mean we cant express our thoughts.A mother child bond definitely grow,s stronger with breast feed,no second thoughts.