How To Teach Children To Read And Write Their Names

How and what do you call your child? Harshal is often called Brat H or Hersheys. Do you even remember when and how as a baby did you start responding to someone calling you? Or when did you pick up the pencil and started writing alphabets from your tiny hands? Now that you are a parent yourself, do you not ask around, “When and how to teach children to write and read?”

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It is indeed strange that we don’t recall such an important memory of our lives, those made of our first fun or formal appointment with a blackboard, pencil, chalk, or a sheet of paper. How then to teach children? Though I don’t remember when I learned my name, I do remember that it was one of the first things I learned to write. Teaching small children such an important thing is a challenge though. This name will be their identity for a lifetime. So it needs to be taught right. So, today TCT is giving out tips on how we can embed this identity into their young minds in the right and long-lasting way.

1. Put it up on every little thing they own

Right from their bedroom door to their cupboards, toothbrush, and even their windows. The more they see it, the more they will read it and memorize it. Also, putting it up with all the things that belong to them will get the point home that this is what belongs to them and hence their name has been associated with it.

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2. Try stamps or magnets

Once they have the name in their memory because of seeing it around so much, it’s time to test if they can spell it correctly. You can use stamps or fridge magnets to make this fun! Don’t use all the alphabets though, it might overwhelm them (use more alphabets than their name has but). Juggle these up and ask them to pick out the alphabets their name has and then spread out the stamps on a slate. You can even use the magnets to paste on the fridge or the cupboard, jumble these up too and ask them to arrange them in a way that their name is spelled correctly. Sounds fun, right?

How to teach children 03

3. Computer typing

This one could be the most fun for them since they love gadgets and especially computers! You can simply open up a blank word document, select a good clear font, make it nice and big, and let them choose the color and type out the name by looking at the keyboard.

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4. Board name game

Revive the old world charm of board games. We have had these since our own childhood days and they’re still very much in and available easily. Why not use them? Plus, they are big and clearly visible, which will make it easier for the children to make out the alphabet.

How to teach children 05

5. Lego stacking

Playing toys can impact mental growth and development. In fact, playing with the right kind of toys can help in major social development! As per the size of your collection, you can write the letters of your child’s name onto your Lego or Duplo to create a permanent and lasting game.  You can even print the letters on labels and then attach them to the pieces. This activity can be a huge hit because it provides the option of doing it both horizontally and vertically. Click here to find out more about certain toys/activity boxes that can helpful.How to teach children 06

6. Water painting

Print the name on a chalkboard (using chalk of course), and give your little one a paintbrush and some water to paint on top of the lines. As he or she paints the letters, they will ‘disappear’, which is always fun!

How to teach children 07

7. Highlighter tracing

This is probably the simplest method.  You just have to print his or her name and ask him/her to trace over it using a darker marker or pencil.

I am sure the little ones will enjoy these name activities so much that you will end up doing almost all of them multiple times. Teaching children can thus become fun for you as well. Another thing you can do is, go ask your mother how she did she teach children like you and siblings such a complicated thing. Maybe you’ll get more and better ideas.

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