6 Silly parenting tips every new mom hears

Take a look at 6 worst parenting tips and advice which can turn a well-adjusted human mom into a demon!

Are you a new parent who is currently trawling the internet for parenting advice because you’ve discovered that friends and relatives are pretty much useless? Or perhaps you’re a new mommy bewildered with all the “do this!”, “no, do that!” coming at you from all quarters?Parenting tips 01

I’ve been there.

Which is why I know exactly what you’re going through.

Bad parenting advice can be both bizarre and funny. Most often, though? It’s downright frustrating.

Here’s a list of parenting ‘tips’ (utterly unsolicited and flung at you at the worst possible time) which can turn a well-adjusted human mom into a demon.

1. You Must Say No to Formula: 

And why, if I may ask? I agree that breastfeeding is pretty much exclusively recommended for the first 6 months. However, it is equally okay to feed formula to your baby. What if a new mother’s supply of milk is low – or she’s delivered twin-babies and is finding it difficult to breastfeed both at the same time? Are you, the holier than thou matron of the breastfeeding club, going to come and help her? A mother’s decision to breastfeed or formula feed her baby is a personal one. Don’t butt in. Continue Reading..

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