My Good Savings Plan Helped Me Raising Kids Like A Super Mom! Thank You Bajaj Finance

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. It’s a phase that every woman dreams about and looks forward to as well. So, when the news of a new life growing inside me was confirmed, I was on cloud nine. My happiness knew no bounds! I felt like I was God’s favorite and was blessed like none. The nine-month wait seemed too long to be able to hold my bundle of joy in my arms. As the feeling started sinking in, I started to prepare not just for the arrival of my little one but also reading up on raising kids – the best possible ways.

Raising Kids - Piggy Bank

The little room attached to our bedroom that I was desperately waiting to turn into a nursery was finally seeing the light of the day. From the walls to the curtains, and from the little bed and almirah to the color scheme, everything was done with a lot of research. Tiny baby clothes, mittens and shoes, soft cuddly toys, a cute little crib with musical toys hanging from it, a floor gym and what not – the nursery was all set by the time my ninth month started.

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