Dear Working Mom – Here’s How To Leave Work On Time

This is a feature specially dedicated to all the working mothers who strive hard to balance their personal and professional lives. Dear Working Mothers – You must read ahead consciously to know the most practised ideas and tips to leave work on time.

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The buzzing corporate world in the modern-day works on the mistaken postulation that, ‘Working late is directly proportional to the productivity and efficiency of an individual’. The suspicious and disrespected looks and attitudes of the peers, colleagues, and bosses on the working mothers, who leave the boss on time and have to run back to their little ones. People who ‘stretch’ and ‘work beyond the business hours’ are always appreciated, in contrary to the mothers who are looked down upon despite their effective performance.

This blind and illogical mindset needs to be broken and essential boundaries of working hours need to be set, so that not only working mothers, also other individuals, have a satisfying personal life. If you are a working mother, who is surrounded by all the demoralizing eyes, do not worry. Scroll along to know about the most common ways and tips to leave work on time.

How to leave work on time – 5 Tips to help you out:

1. Plan ahead

Do you plan your day? If not, then its time to do so. Plan your day with the proper schedule of meetings and set your priorities clear from the beginning of the day. Never stay unclear and take things as it comes through the day. Always stay laser-focused on the most important and toughest task of the day. If you are tech-savvy, use hundreds of planning software applications. If not, you can also use a journal and pen down whatever you wish to do for that particular day. Pen down the major tasks and important meetings for the day as well as the week.

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2. Ditch the morning mail response pattern

Most great women achievers and planners reveal that it is important to focus on the top three tasks of the day. Finish it as soon as you begin the day. The first half of the morning session must be focused on core areas of production. Then take a break and while you relax, check the emails and respond to the most necessary email immediately. Irrespective of the unexpected deliverable(s) it is vital to focus on the primary three tasks only.

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3. Use time wisely

Why did I attend this meeting? This could have happened on an email’ – An emotion that all of us had gone through at some point or the other. So, always plan and schedule meetings worthy of time, wisely and judiciously. Conduct a meeting only if you think it is worth the time. Constantly plan and reevaluate the progress, productivity, and benefits from the meetings. This will ensure you have lots of time to finish your tasks and allow you to leave work on time.

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4. Block meeting time

Yes, meeting time blocks are essential for efficient production. Have a specific time to conduct and attend meetings. Schedule all meetings, discussions, and talks of the team members around this specific time. In some cases, this doesn’t work. But definitely, this is can be practiced.

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5. Working overtime lessens productivity

Yes, this is 100% true. If you endlessly work overtime, it dampens the productivity and quality of the output. You would slowly run out of energy, ideas, the pace of work, and impact your health. The pressure to stay late will definitely slow down the output and the value adds that you can offer, when you are fresh. So, stop working overtime.

Here is what you got to remember:

  • Plan ahead and set your priorities clear for the day and the week.
  • Make your presence in the professional world meaningful.
  • Delegate wisely and hold your ground.

If you practice all the above tips and ideas in your daily life, you would be more productive than everyone who stretches to meet the expectations of the profile. Never feel guilty if you know that you are the master of your subject and the work that you are pursuing.

Time, time, time! Yes, if we don’t spend quality time with your family, there is no point in having a professional life. After all, professional life is a very small part of personal life. It’s the little one and other family members that you go back to, who give the real meaning to your life.

by Ila Asthana

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