Top 5 Benefits Of Breast Milk Pumps

Breast milk pumps are no longer an option but a necessity in a busy mother’s life. It allows nursing moms to store nutritious breast milk and make it available for the baby even when they are not around. With them, mothers can go back to work without the guilt trip. Even stay-at-home mothers can catch up on some me-time with the option left for other caregivers to feed the baby.

The benefits of breast milk pumps:

The benefits of electric breast milk pumps are not only limited to ensuring milk anytime for your baby but extend beyond this. 

1. Maintains a proper milk supply

Breastfeeding may not come naturally for every newborn, and at times, the latch is not strong enough for a proper supply. This is why doctors suggest hand expressing during the initial days. However, this may not be very convenient, especially when a mother is exhausted and her baby is sleepy. This is where breast milk pumps come as a saviour. 

Similarly, in case the baby is premature, does not latch, or suck effectively, breast milk pumps are a huge help. The production of breastmilk depends directly on the demand. Hence, the more you pump, the better the supply. This way, you can maintain an adequate supply until the baby is ready for direct feeding. 

2. Prevents breast engorgement

If the breast milk supply is more than what the baby can consume, it can cause the breasts to engorge, which is very painful. This usually happens when the baby starts to sleep for a longer duration. In such cases, you can use the breastfeeding pump for expressing milk and get some relief. It is safe to store the expressed milk in the refrigerator for up to 4 days and in the freezer for 6 months.

3. A working mother’s best friend

Staying away from your baby or being unable to provide them with enough breast milk is a guilt trip most working mothers go through. With electric breast pumps, you can store enough milk in advance. You can even freeze it with proper care.

4. Help take a break 

Stored breast milk provides an option for other caregivers to feed the baby. It helps the mother to take rest and replenish her energy levels. Both parents can also take turns feeding the baby at night. This will enable parents to take turns to sleep and rest. 

5. Makes for a solid food base

Cow’s milk is not the best option for babies under one year as it is difficult to digest. Expressed breast milk is the best choice to mix with babies’ first foods. It helps provide a nutrient-rich base and is also a familiar taste for babies.

Given all the above benefits, a breast milk pump is certainly a good investment for you and your baby. 

Picking the best breast milk pump:

As you buy a breast milk pump, the choices can be confusing. From feeding preferences to lifestyle, there are numerous factors to consider. However, certain brands consistently rank higher in the list for most nursing mothers. 

LuvLap, a much-loved mother-baby brand in India, tops that list with 99% of mothers claiming it the best breast pump in the market. One of the mothers even shared a review that the baby’s suckle seems stronger than the breastfeeding pump. That speaks how safe and gentle the LuvLap electric breast pumps are. Besides, the balance of quality and affordability makes it the best choice for every mother.

The Luvlap electric breast pumps are available in two high-performing models.

1. Luvlap Adore Electric Breast Pump with 2 Phase Pumping

2. Luvlap Convertible Electric Breast Pump with 3 Phase Pumping

LuvLap Adore Electric Breast Milk Pump with 2 phases

Luvlap Adore electric breast milk pump with two phases
  • The soft silicone massage cushions of the electric breast milk pump ensure a snug and comfortable fit on the mother’s breast. The petal design mimics a baby’s natural sucking rhythm and assures a gentle grip while expressing milk.
  • The LuvLap electric breast pump follows a 2-phase cycle of Stimulation and Expression. Each mode has a 9-level intensity increase feature to suit individual requirements.
  • The anti-backflow valve ensures zero chances of milk flowing into the motor tube and prevents contamination.
  • The LuvLap electric breast pump has a convenient USB charging port.  From AC adaptors, power banks, laptops to even car chargers, it can use any source.
  • The inbuilt rechargeable battery lasts for 2 hours once charged.
  • The LuvLap electric breast pump uses BPA-free plastic and silicon. It is safe for boiling and sterilizing.
  • Its smart memory remembers the last used settings.

LuvLap Electric Breast Pump with 3 phases

Luvlap electric breast milk pump with three phases

The following features make the LuvLap electric breast pump different from the adore pump:

  • It has 3 phases – massage, simulation, and expression.
  • LuvLap electric breast pumps with 3 phases have an option to convert into a manual breastfeeding pump. It comes with an extra handle accessory to use when you don’t have access to a power supply.
  • In addition to this, once charged, the electric breast milk pump can last for up to 3 hours.


For mothers who can’t nurse their babies for any reason, breast milk pumps come as a great option to ensure that the baby doesn’t miss out on nutritious breast milk. Besides, pumping also allows you to donate extra milk to mothers who can’t breastfeed their babies themselves. Isn’t it great? If you haven’t invested in a breastfeeding pump yet, do it now. It’s never too late!

By Aswathy Gopalakrishnan

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  1. Breast milk pump is so easy to use. And it has so many benefits. Especially for working mothers. Would recommend the one who need

  2. Absolutely breast milk pump has so many benefits and it’s so easy to use never know that. Would recommend to the one who need it

  3. I know my friends who had excessive milk supply and for them breast milk pump was like a blessing. They could easily store the milk till the time baby needed its next feed. And yes it also gives a much needed break.

  4. Breastpumps are indeed blessings for expressing milk when we are not able to feed naturally. I have used a manual breast pump myself and loved how it helped me. My co-sister has been using Luvlap for her son these days. It’s indeed very nice.

  5. Breast pumps are really a boon to the mothers who are working plus using stored milk can make father also a caregiver with complete freedom. The Luvlap breast pumps looks to have everything a mother would look for.

  6. This is actually a great post for all new mommies, I have never used the pumps, but it’s a need of an hour and kids’ growth.

  7. Somehow breast pumps never worked for me despite buying the best and most expensive. Perhaps the supply wasn’t enough or maybe I was lacking in discipline. Would have been good to get a sense of other brands available in market other than luvlap as well. I had used medela.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with this breast pump.Its a great option for moms to have an option to work while continuing breast feeding.

  9. Breast milk pumps have come a long way since the early days, I remember how rudimentary they were 40 years back .They are indeed a very useful tool for lactating mothers in today’s times.

  10. Breast milk pumps are a of great help for moms. With my first child, I haven’t used one but with my second done, I gave it a try. The best part is the new born is fed even in the absence of his/her mom.