10 Maternal Health Tips No Mother Should Ignore

According to the World Health Organization, maternal health means the health of a mother during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum phase. Numerous programs, seminars, summits, and conferences have been held worldwide to address this rising concern. The main objective behind maternal health is to curb maternal morbidity or mortality and to reduce the preventable deaths which happen during childbirth, from health complications like infection, pre-eclampsia, hemorrhage and obstructive birth. Unfortunately, poor women belonging from poverty-stricken developing or underdeveloped nations are mainly affected.

10 Maternal Health Tips No Mother Should Ignore - The Champa Tree

Lack of access to prenatal care centers, skilled doctors and nurses, lack of sex education and illiteracy are the main culprits for such a deplorable state. Proper care during prenatal and postpartum phases is thus very crucial.

Here’s the list of 10 maternal health tips no mother should ignore:

1. The first trimester is critical

 Taking necessary vitamins like folic acid, calcium, and iron before conceiving and during pregnancy is very crucial because your baby’s neural cord develops within the first trimester. Don’t skip the routine check-up. Moreover, please be extra careful and check with your doctor before having any medicines, natural remedies or supplements as it involves the risk of miscarriage.

2. Do not avoid Omega-3 rich diet

Have small five-six meals in a day and eight glasses of water. Cut down on caffeine intake. Shun toxins like alcohol and cigarettes. Eat foods rich in iron, cereals, and folate and enrich yourself with safe fruits like apples and bananas. Fish is very healthy for brain development they are loaded with omega 3. One word of caution- don’t forget to check the mercury level in the fish, generally, sweet water fishes are low on mercury as compared to the saltwater,

3. Walk for at least 15 minutes

Do pregnancy yoga and meditation these are very crucial for building endurance. Walk for at least 15 – 20 mins at a moderate pace this improves circulation, releases stress and helps you to sleep better.

4. Don’t exhaust yourself

One of the vital maternal health tips is to take as much rest as possible. Don’t exhaust yourself by doing too much of household chores like bathroom scrubbing, using harsh chemicals, lifting heavy things, changing kitty litter, etc.

If you are struggling with your mental health as a new mother, online therapy platforms can be a convenient option for professional help. For more information, you can explore platforms like ReGain and BetterHelp!

5. Educate yourself

Know the warning signs like pain and strong cramps, leaking of fluid, contractions at an interval of 20 mins, decreased baby movement, heart palpitations and many more. Educate yourself of infant care and postpartum depression,

6. Schedule a checkup

 A post-delivery routine checkup is a must. Don’t neglect your health. Continue with the vital prenatal vitamins. Discuss birth control measures, the healing process and anxiety problems with your doctor.

Pregnancy tracker apps: What To Expect, BabyCentre

7. Avoid outside food and Ajinomoto

Continue with the good habit of eating healthy even after childbirth because you will be breastfeeding your infant. Drink lots of water, juices, milk, and soups. Keep yourself hydrated. Don’t eat processed food which is hard on digestion. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine. Eat less spicy and less oily food. Restrain yourself from eating outside.

8. Stay clean

Maintaining basic hygiene is very crucial for you as well as for your baby. Sanitize your hands and take precautions while taking bath ourself as well as giving a bath to your newborn.

9. Don’t lift anything heavier than your baby

I know this is the hardest part for a mother, but we need proper sleep to feel good. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your family members and friends. Avoid household chores, don’t lift anything heavier than your baby.

10. Take a break

Cradling your newborn and taking care of yourself simultaneously is the toughest thing. Take a break from this monotonous life by watching a movie. Pamper yourself a bit go to the salon to get a new hair cut, go for a walk, read a book. A little bit of distraction is necessary to erase the postpartum blues.

Motherhood is the most enriching, fulfilling, and challenging thing that a woman experiences. No one prepares you for this you are on your own. You stumble, learn, grow, and enjoy every moment because it is priceless. Nevertheless, don’t expense your health at the cost of nursing your baby. Remember your child needs a healthy mother so abide by the maternal health tips and stay blessed.Fore

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