Did You Know Facts – Baby’s Development

Kids start growing the moment they are born. No one needs to tell them or teach them about reflexes. For instance, the sucking reflex is something a child has right from birth. You will notice different reflexes at different stages of the baby’s development. 

Did you know facts #9 – Baby’s development:

Baby's development

Some scientists suggest that shaking the head to mean “no” derives from newborns turning their head away from food when they are full.

When you feed newborns, they would turn their heads away when they are full. Scientist connect our shrugging and shaking the head to say ‘no’ to this act of babies. Likewise there are several such instances where different stages of a child’s development has influenced the adults. 

Elderly people believe that kids are superhumans till they reach a certain age. Apparently, from this strange fact that we learned right now, I too feel that they. Or else, how would they know that turning their head away would send a message that they are done? Have you thought about it?

Do you know any such strange actions of adults derived from the kids? Do tell us in the comment section.

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