Top 6 Household Things To Keep Away From A Toddler

My son, a toddler is like a mixer-grinder with no lid. Toddler tantrums are for real, mamas. He has been crawling-running, can walk with very little support, and has been asking for extra attention. The other day he was playing with my pearl necklace! I kept watching him, it looked so cute and after a while (to my horror), I saw him putting the pearls of the necklace in his mouth. Argh!! I am not worried about the germs that he maybe swallowing (well, yes, that’s a concern too), but I was concerned about his safety.

‘Safety’ is my top priority with a toddler. You cannot just leave them without any watch, especially toddlers who have the curiosity in eating and touching everything at their reach.

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There are so many things that we use on a daily basis. Things that are household essentials which should be kept away from your curious infant/toddler’s reach. Here is a list for your quick reference:

6 Things to keep away from a toddler:

1. Small, round, tiny things

Coins, earrings, sewing buttons, batteries, tiny toys/figurines, nuts and bolts, raw lentils, beads and the list is endless. Basically, anything that is too small for you to notice is a dangerous something for your toddler

2. Sharp/pointed objects

Hairpins, scissors, toothpick, fork, razor blades, pen, knives, sewing pins, toys with sharp edges. Even a paper with sharp edges. I mean, a paper cut can be really bad!

3. Hot stuff

Hot beverages, hot cooking oil, hot iron rod, hot dishes. By ‘HOT’, I also mean anything that is hot and spicy, e.g. hot curry, red chilies.

4. Medicines

Please keep syrups and capsules far from your toddler’s reach. Even products used for kids that are left unattended, such as a bar of bathing soap or an open oil bottle for that matter. Kids can confuse them with yummy candies! Yeah, that’s annoying. The way their minds work.

5. Electric items

Hot iron/iron box, electric wires, switches, table fans, blenders, grinders, vacuum cleaner. Anything that operates on electricity should be child-proofed.

6. Glass based products

Vase and other decoratives/figurines, bottles, bulbs, your pair of reading glasses, bangles, and even the traditional thermometer which is used for recording temperature!

Yes, and bathroom slippers too! 

I wish I could also mention gadgets like laptops but I would exclude Amazon Kindle and my MotoG mobile phone because my Kindle helps me read lovely stories to him and MotoG helps me play beautiful rhymes anywhere anytime!

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6 thoughts on “Top 6 Household Things To Keep Away From A Toddler”

  1. Bathroom slippers, oh yes! When my daughter first learnt to crawl, she would roam the house searching for those – she liked to use them as teethers! Yuck..

    On another note – looking back at photos of her infant / toddler years, you can get a sense of her growing up. Stuff that you wrote about keeps appearing in higher locations as the months pass by.

    Good times, they were!

  2. Oh yes!! I remember those crawly days…always paranoid when it comes to safety. Still is. And whenever I walk into a room, my radar turns on automatically to look for any potential hazard. That still hasn’t changed. 😊 You’ve got a good list!