How To Cut Your Newborn’s Nails In 3 Simple Steps

New parents are always scared of clipping/trimming/cutting your baby’s teeny-tiny nails? They are often seeking easy ways, often biting those soft and more pliable ones which is a terrible practice! Besides, I have often found them asking if it’s fine to cut a newborn’s nails and how often should it be done?

Well, the fact is that a newborn’s fingernails tend to grow REALLY fast. The nails are soft, but not soft enough to not cause damage to their skin (if not clipped or trimmed properly). Babies have a habit of scratching their face and if their nails are long enough, then the left-behind-marks can be permanent. Sometimes, it’s not the nail but the cuticles or the edges that are a cause of concern. After all, baby skin is extra gentle. So to answer the query of whether to cut nails or not, the answer is YES. Newborn baby’s care is of utmost importance. So, in order to prevent the baby from scratching his/her face, one must trim their nails on a regular basis.

cut newborn nails - long nails of baby (TCT)

Then, there is a hygiene that needs to be maintained. Dirt accumulates if the nails are left untrimmed. Babies have a habit of moving their hands across all sorts of surfaces, nooks, and corners. 

I would try putting on mittens and whatnot, but it wasn’t worth it. My son would take them off within seconds of trying them on. So, we had to even trim and file his not-so-medium-length nails on a weekly basis!

Finely, my doctor asked me to do this…

Looking for Simple and Careful Ways to Cut Newborn’s Nails? Here are 3 steps:

1. Best Time

The best time to cut your newborn/ infant’s nails is right after they’ve had their wonderful baby bath. The nails are wettish and extra soft, which makes it very easy to cut/trim them. Some parents try to peel their baby’s nails with the fingernails. You can try that too, but make sure to wash your hands properly before you start to peel them off. Peeling didn’t work for me. I feel that it can accidentally lead to chipping off way too much nail (than required). I use baby nail clippers. Baby nail scissors can also work well.

cut newborn nails - cutting nails using clipper (TCT)

2. What are you Using to Clip/Trim their Nails

While cutting the nails with the clipper or a pair of baby nail scissors, you will have to be extra-extra careful. In order to prevent the finger skin from getting a shallow to deep notch or a cut, press the finger pad gently away from the nail. Take the help of your partner for a firm hold on your baby’s movement (hands, legs or head).

3. Filing

After cutting or trimming your baby’s nails, filing is important, especially around the curves of his/her fingers. Smoothing of sharp edges cant is avoided at any cost.

cut newborn nails - Filing nails (TCT)

Our Suggestion:

1. If at all, during the nail cutting, there is a nick, apply cotton on the cut with some pressure. Back it up with a dab of baby antiseptic cream

2. Don’t bite your baby’s nails. It can introduce your baby’s gentle skin to a host of infections

Quick Pointers:

1. Time: Immediately after the bath, when the nails are still damp; Sleeping; Feeding

2. Tools Required: Baby Nail Clipper/Baby Nail Scissors; Baby Nail Filer. You can purchase the baby grooming kit through online shopping sites or at a baby shop

3. In Emergency: Cotton balls; Baby antiseptic lotion/cream

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