Top 10 Potty Training Tips For Stressfree Toilet Time

Potty training of toddlers or preschoolers is the most challenging task of parenthood. As a mother, you can push them into the toilet, but you can’t force them to flush their bowels out. Toilet training might be an alarming and tedious task, but a friendly and positive approach can do wonders. There have been numerous queries about potty training tips for boys and girls. To put an end to the never-ending dilemma, presenting to you some handy potty training tips, tried and tested by the real moms of the world.potty-training-tips-01

Potty training tips:

Potty training is not a mysterious science. With the right approach, you can make it stress-free but you should always take into consideration the fact that each child is different. Hence stop panicking about your child’s late potty training. Try these tips and if they don’t work out instantly, understand that consistency is the key because Potty training can prove to be a complex process for some kids while it could be a cakewalk for others.

1. Make ‘it’ exciting

Toilet training is a tedious task not only for the mother but also for the child. So turn the table and make it exciting. Turn it into a game and reward them. Compose a hilarious potty song and sing it along. You could use the song as a cue to communicate that it is potty time. Any hard task when added to the flavour of fun becomes easy and ecstatic. Believe me- this is one of the early potty training tips for girls and boys that work like magic!


2. Ensure that your child is ready

The most important potty training tips for boys and girls is to be aware of your child’s needs. At the outset, the mother must ensure the baby is ready. If the kid is not ready, do not potty train your child. If you pressurize them, the child might get cranky and feel immense pain and irritation for long hours.


3. ‘Toilet training exercise’

 Make them familiar with the complete toilet training exercise. Involve them in choosing their potty chair and allow them to use it frequently, even when they are not having a potty. This creates an illusion of potty sensation, which would help them in reality and enables you to easily potty train your child. Make them feel that they have an important role in every stage.

4. Rate them

You can buy a potty chart and track the days of tantrum-free potty time.  Give them stars every time they go to the potty, offer them a play-time, a potty treat, reward toys etc. This is one of the most effective potty training tips for girls and boys, for getting rid of tantrums.


5. Underwear, please:

Stop using a diaper and put them in underwear from the moment you wish to train. Let them have the sensation of wetness. This will help them learn quickly to go to the toilet. This is one of the important potty training tips for boys, in specific. But the underwear with their favourite cartoon characters to make them look attractive and wanted.

6. Regulate their diet

Dodge foods that would cause loose motions. This will not allow the kid to have time to prepare for the potty time, thereby spoiling the schedule. Offer them lots of juices and water, so that they often pee. This potty training tip for boys and girls is also one of the home remedies for constipation potty-training-tips-05

7. PFW approach

Teach your child a systematic approach to potty (PFW), which is Potty – Flush – Washing of the hands. A sense of perfect routine from the day one would help them train their mind on the procedure.

8. Read for them

Keep a board book or waterproof book aside for their potty time. Read for them and make them engaged. You can also get books that talk about potty time.

Potty traning tips for boys

9. Be a role model

Enact a potty time for your child so that they would feel that they are undergoing a natural process. Dads can be in charge of potty training boys and mother could train the girls because they might relate to each other. Nonetheless, potty training girls can be done by dads and vice versa. Primarily this should be decided according to the family structure.

10. Train them before or after bedtime

Training your kids to fo to the toilet before and after bedtime could be an ideal potty training schedule. This can ensure a peaceful sleep time and create a proper morning routine.

A battle for the toddler and the mother, toilet training, must be initiated when the kid is around 18 months. Keep these potty training tips in mind when you push your child to the toilet next time.

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