8 Best ever real mom potty training tips

by Ila Asthana

Expert 04Who said potty training is a tough task? Here are 8 best ever tips. Try them out today!

Potty training of the toddlers or preschoolers is the most challenging task of parenthood. As a mother you can push them into the toilet, but you can force them to flush out. Toilet training might be an alarming and tedious task, but a friendly and positive approach can do wonders. Just for all mothers, presenting to you some handy potty training tried and tested tips, by the real moms of the world.potty-training-tips-01

1. Is your baby ready yet?: At the outset, the mother must ensure the baby is ready. If the kid is not ready, do not compel them to do so. If you pressurize them, the child might get cranky and go into the world of pain and irritation for long hours.potty-training-tips-02

2. Make ‘it’ exciting: Toilet training is a tedious task not just for the mother, but also for the child. So turn the table and make it exciting. Turn it into a game and give them prizes. Compose a hilarious potty song and sing it along. Dance and move the kid a little, while sitting in the right posture. Any hard-task when added to the flavor of fun becomes easy and ecstatic. Believe me- this works like magic!!potty-training-tips-03

3. ‘Toilet training exercise’: Make them familiar with the complete toilet training exercise. Involve them in choosing their potty chair and allow them to use it frequently, even when they are not having potty. This creates an illusion of potty sensation, which would help them in reality.

4. Rate them: You can buy a potty chart to track and tip your baby. Give them stars every time they go to potty, offer them a play-time, a potty treat, reward toys etc.potty-training-tips-04

5. Underwear, please: Stop using a diaper and put them in an underwear from the moment you wish to train. Let them have the sensation of wetness. This will help them learn quickly to go to the toilet.

6. Don’t give them time: Dodge foods which would cause loose motions. This will not allow the kid to have time to go to the toilet to do the potty. Offer them lots of juices and water, so that they often pee.potty-training-tips-05

7. PFW approach: Teach your child a systematic approach of potty (PFW), which is Potty – Flush – Washing of the hands. A sense of perfect routine from the day one would help them train their mind of the procedure.

8. Appreciation helps: Praise them for doing the task properly and methodically. It helps them motivated for the next session.potty-training-tips-06

A battle for the toddler and the mother, toilet training must be initiated when the kid is around 18 months.

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