4 Natural home remedies to reduce fever in children

by Ila Asthana

Expert 01Try out these 4 natural ways in case the high fever needs to be brought down naturally!

While many mothers know that fever is a positive natural response of the body to infection or illness, it does induce a heartbreak when their child is going through a physical uneasiness. Children suffering from fever, look very gloomy, which breaks every mother’s heart and panic attack start to creep in. A doctor’s consultation is any day desirable, but we bring you here a quick and easy home remedies and natural methods to reduce fever in children.fever-in-children-01

1. Wrap your child lightly: It is very essential to ensure the child isn’t tightened up with layers of clothing. Remove all the layers and loosen up. Make sure the baby is having only a single layer of clothing so that the body cool’s down fast and fever reduces.fever-in-children-02

2. Lukewarm/sponge bath: Giving the baby a warm bath in a lukewarm water is the simplest method to reduce the temperature. One can also just keep the baby in a water tub filled with room temperature water for some time. Undoubtedly the temperature will naturally reduce in the next few minutes.

3. Wet socks: Make your child wear wet socks when they are sleeping. This will help to reduce the body temperature and hence eventually reduce the fever. Wet socks under the normal woolen socks is definitely an amazing trick.fever-in-children-03

4. Increase the intake of liquids: It is very obvious that fever reduces constantly when the child consumes lots of liquids. A teaspoon of water every few minutes will surely help to achieve the goal. A hard task for all mothers, but definitely works when adopted.fever-in-children-04

These are some of the immediate remedies which all parents can adopt when their child is suffering from fever. Besides this, try sweating out the child in all possible ways, give a cold compress or chill cloth on forehead or armpit, offer an ice cube to your child to munch on, ORS or citric juice can also be given to the child to reduce the temperature. Make sure the child is rested in a warm, comfortable and cozy space. A peaceful undisturbed sleep can also do wonders for the child’s body. Do not treat your fever as an enemy. Fever is your child’s best friend, so handle with utmost care without anxiety.

Disclaimer: Despite all these remedies, don’t forget to consult your pediatrician immediately. Also, rush your child to the emergency in case of febrile seizures.

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