Top 6 household things to keep away from a toddler

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on June 10, 2015

Here is a list of household items that SHOULD be kept away from the reach of your toddler. Afterall, SAFETY is every parent’s top priority! 

Brat H has become really naughty. He has been crawling-running, can walk with very little support and has been asking for extra attention. The other day he was playing with my pearl necklace! I kept watching him, it looked so cute and after a while (and to my horror), I saw him putting that necklace in his mouth. Argh!! I am not worried about the germs that he maybe swallowing (well, yes, that’s a concern too), but I was concerned about his safety. ‘Safety’ is my top priority with a toddler. You cannot just leave them without any watch, especially toddlers who have the curiosity in eating and touching everything at their reach.

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There are so many things that we use on daily basis.. Things that are household essentials which should be kept away from your curious infant/toddler’s reach. Here is a list for your quick reference:

1. Small, round, tiny things: Coins, earrings, sewing buttons, batteries, tiny toys/figurines, nuts and bolts, raw lentils, beads and the list is endless. Basically, anything that is too small for you to notice is a dangerous something for your toddler

2. Sharp/pointed objects: Hairpins, scissors, toothpick, fork, razor blades, pen, knives, sewing pins, toys with sharp edges. Even a paper with sharp edges. I mean, a paper cut can be really bad!

3. Hot stuff: Hot beverages, hot cooking oil, hot iron rod, hot dishes. By ‘HOT’, I also mean anything that is hot and spicy, e.g. hot curry, red chillies.

4. Medicines: Please keep syrups and capsules far from your toddler’s reach. Even products used for kids that are left unattended, such as a bar of bathing soap or an open oil bottle for that matter. Kids can confuse them with yummy candies! Yeah, that’s annoying.. The way their minds work..

5. Electric items: Hot iron/iron box, electric wires, switches, table fans, blenders, grinders, vacuum cleaner. Anything that operates on electricity should be child-proofed.

6. Glass based products: Vase and other decoratives/figurines, bottles, bulbs, your pair of reading glasses, bangles, and even the traditional thermometer which is used for recording temperature!



Yes, and bathroom slippers too! 

Wish I could also mention gadgets like laptops but I would exclude Amazon Kindle & my MotoG mobile phone because my Kindle helps me read lovely stories to Brat H and MotoG helps me play beautiful rhymes anywhere anytime!

Click below image to explore Kindle 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Top 6 household things to keep away from a toddler

  • June 10, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    Oh yes!! I remember those crawly days…always paranoid when it comes to safety. Still is. And whenever I walk into a room, my radar turns on automatically to look for any potential hazard. That still hasn’t changed. 😊 You’ve got a good list!

  • July 2, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Bathroom slippers, oh yes! When my daughter first learnt to crawl, she would roam the house searching for those – she liked to use them as teethers! Yuck..

    On another note – looking back at photos of her infant / toddler years, you can get a sense of her growing up. Stuff that you wrote about keeps appearing in higher locations as the months pass by.

    Good times, they were!


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