Top 5 Value for Money Back-to-School Stationery for Kids

by Swati Mehra

These 5 back-to-school stationeries are a must-have, value for money items to own this summer

It’s that time of the year again, when your little one climbs another step on the ladder of life. Whether it’s the new school or the new grade, prepping for a new session is exciting and overwhelming for kids and parents alike. In between the rush for school books and uniforms, many of which have little room for personal taste, one shouldn’t let the ‘back to school’ stress get in the way of some quality stationery shopping. For children, it’s the thrill of all things new. The glitter in the eye when they see the new set of items prepping them for a fresh start is unmatched. For us parents, it’s reliving a chapter of our childhood through them. Children love bright and new things. Stationery checks both the boxes. While we indulge their (and our fantasies), we need to be careful about a few things such as quality, durability and affordability as we pick the set for the new session.Value for money back to school 01

While doing my online research on fancy and indulgent stationery (well, yes that’s what I call it), I came across some adorable products from Smily Kiddos. A little more reading into it and I realized that they offer a wide range of premium products in attractive colorful designs. While it surely appealed to the eye, the next thought on my mind was is it affordable, safe and durable? Their design and material specification team create each product, keeping the child’s safety, likes and functionality as an utmost priority. I browsed through their website and picked up 5 value for money back-to-school items that could make your child jump with joy!

1. School Bag:

As with so much in life, a good bag makes all the difference! This pretty pink backpack is super light to carry. It has multiple pockets that makes it spacious and perfect for your little one’s need.Value for money back to school 02

2. Water Bottles: 

The bottles come in attractive cartoon designs with a pop-up straw for easy sipping and an adjustable strap for carrying convenience. Mommies don’t worry, these bottles are made from durable plastic material and are easy to clean due to removable cap.Value for money back to school 03

3. Lunchbags: 

Next in line comes no other than a lunch box. This lovely 4-in-1 squad container for kids is made of high-quality PP material, is BPA free and keeps the food warm for long. The containers come with air-tight plastic lids to prevent moisture. What more, these are microwave safe and easily washable too!Value for money back to school 04

4. Pencil Pouch: 

The Smily Pencil Pouch has one of the simplest of shapes and forms. With just a single compartment which is kept shut with a zip closer, it becomes super easy for your child to use. It is light in weight and easy to carry. The provision of a plastic liner in the inside of the compartment keeps the moistness of the insides in and the external moisture out.

5. Snow Crayon:

No set is complete without a beautiful set of colours. Snow crayons are made from the ingredients of natural wax, oil, color pigments, fluorescence etc that make it safe for toddlers and young kids. Specially designed for craft & art lovers, these come in 12 vivid colors that dry faster and emanate a bright spectrum of light around them. Value for Money Back to School 05

Smily Kiddos products are easily available online on their website. Beside online store, they are also available at a discounted price at all major retail stores in the USA, Canada, India, and UAE. Smily kiddos is aimed to create an inspiring environment for kids through its elegant stationery products. The adaptation of flashy colors, peculiar graphics, kids’ friendly designs and great value for money is sure to bring new memorable experience to kids.



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