10 Insanely Simple Ways to Strengthen Mother Child Relationship

by Suditsha Sanyal

We all crave those close moments with our children that melt our hearts. Here are 10 ways to strengthen a mother-child relationship

World’s most amazing and wonderful bond is that of a mother and a child. The journey of this relationship embarks from the day the embryo comes into existence. Such is the strength of this connection that when a child steps into the world, he comes across so many new faces, but among those new faces he can identify the primary caretaker i.e his mother. Beyond words! This is indeed a special kind of relationship which is completely unconditional and full of undying love.Mother Child Relationship 01

Even though this bond may be the strongest on earth, but here are some interesting 10 insanely simple ways which can further enhance and strengthen the association in a light and fun filled manner:

1. Breastfeeding:

This is the very first step for your newbie to know you more.Yes, you heard me right ladies! Apart from being nutritious for your little one, breastfeeding is a great way to know each other. The unique smell of the body and the heartbeat allows the child to detect his/her mother. It also provides warm snuggles and comfort which an infant searches for.

2. Reciting nursery rhymes:

Reciting nursery rhymes or baby songs is a great way to gel up with your kid not only with your older kid but with your infant as well. It helps in cognitive development. My infant son is very fond of nursery songs so whenever I play/recite to him his favorite nursery song he looks at me in a very pleased manner.Mother Child Relationship 02

3. Playing with them:

You may be dog-tired after all the household chores or a long tiring day at office and may just want to relax. Well ! then just relax and freshen up your mind by playing with your kids or watching movies together. It is not only a great way to divert your worries but also a great way to enjoy your day with your kid. Moreover, playing helps in teaching the value of sharing.

4. Participating in competition jointly:

Yeah! This is fun. So you have a gathering or a birthday party, perform something jointly like a dance, song or skit play. This way you can teach your kid the value of teamwork. And believe me! You will relish these memories later on.Mother Child Relationship 03

5. Bedtime stories ritual:

Bedtime story rituals are a must. After a long drudgery day just relax by reading a bedtime story to your kid. Reading story books are a good way to introduce books and also to inculcate the habit of reading.

6. Praying together:

Praying together whether it is before going to bed or anytime in the day establishes faith and belief.Read out stories and epics relating to gods and their teachings. Do devotion with fun.Teach them the values of trust, honesty, kindness ,equality, faith and courage for a better being.Mother Child Relationship 04

7. Cooking together:

Cook Sunday lunch in an unique style. For instance, you can engage your kid to cook something together like pasta, pizza, baking cake or barbequing would sound great to start of with. Kids love taking responsibility, so give them.Have meals together share some jokes and have merriment.

8. Involve them in decision:

This is a very important aspect. They feel valued and accepted. In case if you are planning for some outing or want to paint the house or even for as simple as going out for dinner together, ask for their opinion and involve them in decision. Pay full attention to whatever they are saying.They need to know that they are important.Mother Child Relationship 05

9. Share experience:

Share your school days experience with your child ask them how was the day at school, what did he learn, have one on one talk. Spend some quality time together. Go for a walk or hiking once every three months , play some sports together. Those little chit chats help in bridging gaps.

10. Love them:

I know for certain that you love your kids the most. But we need to show them as well. Organize for some random party by calling their friends at home, treat them with fun filled surprises. Sleep under the starry night. Go for picnics. And most importantly tell them how much you love them no matter how much you scold them for their mischief.


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