8 Important life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

TCT brings to you 8 important life lessons from Guru Nank Dev Ji which are a must-teach to your children

Every religion teaches us the life lesson of goodness and humanity. India, as a country has always been rich and diverse in terms of religious and cultural values that have been passed on by several spiritual leaders and founders such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji. If one were to follow the teachings of any one spiritual founder, our lives would be much better, content and beautiful.life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji 01

Here are 8 important life lessons from Guru Nank Dev Ji which can really turn around our modern stressful lives, and turn us around as human beings too. As mothers one can teach the little growing buds within our fold, to help them grow up as beautiful and responsible human beings.

1. Fight the five evils within yourself:

Guru Nanak Dev ji taught that the true meaning of life is attained when one can merge with the Supreme Being. But there are five evils in life that stop us from doing so. He listed them as Ego, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Lust. Overcoming these vices is the only way to get closer to the Divine Being.

2. Equality:

This is an extremely important lesson that the great Guru taught, and a must in today’s intolerant and turbulent society. Nanak Dev ji saw all human beings as equal. He was extremely against differentiating human beings based on their religion, race, caste, colour or financial status. He shared everything from food to his belongings with anyone who came to him. Imbibing this simple life teaching from him can really make the world a much better place, not only for us but for our generations to come.

3. Kindness:

Another must for the society today, Guru Nanak taught that even the harshest and toughest of souls can be transformed by acts of love and kindness. Hatred, fear, and anger only pave way for further hatred and anger.life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji 02

4. Selfless service:

In the materialistic world that we live in today, where every action must generate some profit, selfless service has become the need of the hour. Nanak ji taught that giving selfless service, without any expectation of earning a profit in return, not only can become a source of immense self-satisfaction, but will also bring us closer to the Supreme Being. It is also a means to achieve inner peace.

5. Honesty:

Guru Nanak taught that honesty in all aspects of life is the duty of every human being. It is also another way of worshiping the Divine Being. He also emphasized on earning one’s living in an honest way. His teachings elaborate on the fact that one’s daily bread when earned with honesty brings satisfaction and fulfillment in one’s life. In other words, the great Guru taught us to lead a corruption free life. Again, another important value that needs to be followed in today’s world.

6. Sharing:

If one were to follow the above-mentioned teachings of the Guru, then sharing would be a reflex action for them. Nanak Dev ji always taught and even exemplified it in his life, that the well-off must share what they have with their less fortunate brethren. The concept of ‘langar’ or free kitchen is based on this principle, where anyone, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed, come and share the food cooked from one kitchen.life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji 03

7. Fight superstitions:

Guru Nanak strongly condemned blind faith in superstitions. He taught that superstitions and blind faith of any kind are a hindrance in achieving the ultimate goal in life. It stopped one from strengthening their spiritual life as well. Such beliefs also divided people and instilled hatred for one another. He urged people to find rationale behind everything.

8. Respect women:

The last but one of the very important lessons that the great Guru left for us is respecting women. The current times have seen a steep rise in the crime against women. Though we live in a modern society, when it comes to women, we are almost back to the barbaric times. Nanak Dev ji through one of his verses left behind a very beautiful thought, “ Why disrespect the one who gives birth to majestic kings of the world”. If followed to the t, the crimes against women would become a thing of the past.life lessons from Guru Nanak Dev Ji 04

It doesn’t matter whom we worship or follow, if these teachings are not a part of our daily living, then whatever we do is just in vain. If our children grow up with these thoughts, we can rest assured, the future that we seek for them is definitely secured.


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