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Top 14 Indian Mom Blogs

by Suditsha Sanyal

Check out these top 14 Indian mom blogs that can cater to your parenting needs and woes in a click

The super talented new aged millennial Indian moms no longer lag when it comes to blogging. Blogging is no longer a westerner concept. Besides, mom blogs is now a great way to make money while working from home. Blogging as we all know is a great medium of socializing with people, sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas with other moms.Indian mom blogs 01

Here are top 14 Indian mom blogs which are a must-subscribe to:

1. Bumps n Baby:

It a well renowned parenting blog and was started by Sangeetha Menon in 2012. It deals with pregnancy, baby and mom care, parenting and baby food recipes, product reviews,fitness, diet,nutrition, pre and post natal care, home remedies and working mom concerns. It has around 300,000 visits every month.

2. Kids Stop Press:

This blog is a brainchild of Mansi Zaveri and has a huge fan following. It is also regarded as one of the most trusted parenting blog. It has an enormous online presence and you can watch various parenting videos on YouTube. It shares parenting tips, product reviews, recipes and  DIY learning activities.Indian mom blogs 02

3. Artsy Craftsy Mom:

Founded by Shruti Bhat in 2010, this blog deals with the creative side of children and shares many interesting and unique art, craft and DIY ideas for both mother and child.

4. My Little Moppet:

The maker of this blog is Dr. Hema Priya, a doctor by profession, a certified child nutritionist and a mother of two. In this blog she shares her invaluable input and experience both as a parent and as well as a nutritionist thereby empowering the readers with insightful information on parenting,how to handle fussy babies and easy nutritious healthy recipes.

5. Shishu World:

This blog was kick started by Priya in the year 2012 with an idea of providing information to the expectant parents and new parents who are cast away from their families. It provides an insight to parenting by mixing traditional as well as modern methods. It has a very strong online presence. More than 100,000 onliners visit their YouTube channel and blog every month on articles relating to parenting tips, food recipes for babies as well as for toddlers, simple craft ideas and many more.Indian mom blogs 03

6. The Champa Tree:

The Champa Tree blog also commonly known as TCT  was conceptualized by Vaishali Sudan Sharma in the year 2014.The ambit of TCT ranges from motherhood to parenting tips, child care, interesting fun filled activities and crafts for kids. TCT is a well recognized and acknowledged parenting blog. It is a recipient of many awards like Liebster Award, Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, One Lovely Blog Award, Versatile Blogger Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award and has been recently awarded as one of the top 10 Indian parenting blog. Recently, The Champa Tree has been awarded by BonusApp as on of the “Top 10 Parenting Blogs – India 2018.

7. Mom Junction | Community

This blog was formed by Chetna with a view to provide overall relevant information pertaining to motherhood and parenting. It is like a one stop solution covering everything from marriage to pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. Nonetheless it has over 21 million unique monthly.

8. Mommyswall:

Initially started by Jaishri but now it is a team of moms who share their personal experiences and tips relating to parenthood.It also provides information on product reviews, baby food recipes, pregnancy, post-natal care, travel and fashion.

9. Kidskintha:

Kidskintha is dedicated to jump starting conversations around millennial parenting – thoughts, tools, actions and words that can influence the coming up of the brave new generation. The blog is owned by a lovely mom of two- Devishobha based in Hyderabad, who was inspired by a mythological garden of joy and abandon called Kishkindha, a garden of trust, joy and abandon.

10.  Whole Some Mamma:

Aloka Gambhir the owner of this blog is a certified Lactation Educator and a professional Baby wearing consultant. In her blog she shares her experience of following a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, potty training etc.

11. MomScribe:

Uma Maheswari Anandane began writing this blog with little bit of mathematics and then gradually moved to parenting and lifestyle.Her blog mainly deals with creative writing, short stories, poems and mathematics.

12. Kiddie Story 365:

The author of this blog Aditi Bose is a writer and uses her skill in  writing imaginative,simple and easy to narrate stories for kids.

13. Being Happy Mom:

Started by Neha Goyal. Being Happy Mom deals in parenting, baby food and health and child care.

14. Being Momma:

The creator of this blog deals with different phases of womanhood right from pregnancy to toddler-hood.

15. Confused Parent:

There is nothing more important than your child’s well-being. If you are looking for awesome updates on pregnancy, motherhood & child education that you would love to read then this is it!

16. Whats cooking Mom:

Though architect by profession, Nidhi Axat has a passion for cooking. Her blog mainly deals with kids friendly vegan recipes and craft activities.So in case if you are falling short of any recipes or running out of ideas do visit her page for some yummylicious recipes.




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