Over 10 simple Father’s Day crafts

by Ila Asthana

Expert 03Make this Father’s Day special with your kids and surprise your dad with handmade crafty gifts

Ditch the traditional amazon gifts. What better gift for your dad that is handmade and personalized? And, when it comes from his kids, it is an certainly irreplaceable memory of his life. This Father’s Day, let’s make simple crafts and honor our dads for their unconditional love and affection.Fathers Day Crafts 01

Get crafty and get inspired with these over 10 simple Father’s Day craft ideas. Get your children and help them to make this day special for their father. Scroll ahead and make some wonderful memories with your toddler.

1. Love Hand-prints:

These cute little hand-prints are a wonderful personalized gift.

Materials Required: Scissors, Pen, Pencil, and Color Paper.

Method: Take the color paper and trace your toddler’s hand. Make two copies of the same. Cut out a strip of paper and fold it accordion style. Using a pen, you can write the message on one hand. Stick the accordion strip on the insides of the hands as shown in the image. And your gift is ready.

2. Mason Jars:

Cute little personal jars with his favorite items would bring the smile that you are expecting on his face.

Materials Required: Mason jar, ribbons, color papers, color pen, punching machine, ribbon, and thread.

Method: Take the color papers and cut into small pieces. Fold the same as a book. Using pen draw and write your message for your dad. Take the mason jar and fill it with specific things that your dad always loves to eat such as dry fruits, chocolates, candy, etc. Close it air tight. Using the punching machine, pierce a hole in the top right corner of the color paper and insert the thread through the holes. Once done, tie the thread around the lid of the jar. Take the ribbons and tie like a bow around the lid of the jar. Sweet and healthy jar of happiness and love is ready to be gifted.Fathers Day Crafts 02


For all the dads who are bookworms, bookmarks would be a thoughtful gift.

Materials Required: Googly eyes, construction color paper, glue, scissors, punching machine, pipe cleaners, pipe cleaners.

Method: Cut the construction paper in 3-inch X 5 ½ dimension. In the middle cut the nose by slicing in the middle. Keep the nose flapping in the center. Stick the googly eyes onto the top of the cut-out nose. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark. Take the pipe cleaner and insert it through the hole. Bend it to get the hook feel. The bookmark is ready to be used.Fathers Day Crafts 03

4. Hand print Keychain: 

Keychains that are personalized and handmade are the fancy and beautiful gift that can be used in the daily life.

Materials Required: Crystal Clear Plastic, marker, scissors, punching machine, gloss acrylic craft paint, 10mm jump rings, split key ring, gloss mod podge, parchment paper, oven, and butter knife.

Method: Get your child’s hand and paint it with its favorite color. Coat it deeply so that it is wet but not drippy. Firmly press the hand over the crystal-clear plastic and get a good and clear imprint. Once done, allow it to dry completely. Flip the plastic and write your toddler’s name and a small message with a marker. Cut the hand-print using scissors as per the trace of the hand. Punch a hole before you out it into the oven. Take a tray and the parchment paper. Place the painted side up and pre-heat the oven to 325 F. The hand print shall curl and flip a little once baked. Usually, it needs 2-3 minutes. Remove the hand-print from the parchment paper using the butter knife and allow it to cool. Coat the painted parts with glossy mod podge to ensure print doesn’t worn off. Pass the key ring through the punched holes. The key-chain is ready for the keys to be put.Fathers Day Crafts 04

5. Dad Rocks: 

Cute little paper weight for your dad’s workstation.

Materials Required: Small beach rocks, color paint, and black marker.

Method: Take few grey colored small beach rocks, wash it and paint it with your favorite colors. Allow it to dry. Once dried using the black marker you can write the message for your dad and dry it. Simple and sweet gift.Fathers Day Crafts 05

6. Swag Stickers:

Tell your dad what you feel about him by gifting these small and sweet ‘dad swag stickers’.

Materials Required: Sticker sheet, scissors, medium size circle punch, and printable dad swag template.

Method: Take a print of the dad swag template on the sticker sheet. Cut the sticker using scissors. Using the circle punch, cut away the swag badges as per given in the reference image.Fathers Day Crafts 06

7. Crown for The King:

Isn’t your dad, the first Prince of your life? If yes, this crown must be for him.

Materials Required: Printed or plain color paper, duct tape, and scissors.

Method: Using any of dad’s hat, measure the head size. Using scissors, cut the printed or plain color paper according to the size and the width of your imagination. Keep one side plain and cut the other long side of the cut-out into any design which would be the top of the crown. Once done, bring both the ends and stick it together using a duct tape. And the dashing crow for your handsome dad is ready.Fathers Day Crafts 07

8. In His Footsteps:

Every father’s dream is to see his little one following his footsteps.

Materials Required: White paper, acrylic paint, dad’s footwear and your toddler’s footwear.

Method: Take your dad’s footwear and paint it with a bright color. Keep it wet but not drippy. Once done, place it on the white paper and press it firmly. Allow it to dry. Take your toddler’s footwear and paint it again with another bright color and ensure it is wet. Place it on the already painted imprint and allow it dry. The beautiful and touching gift, just for your dad, is ready to be presented to him.Fathers Day Crafts 08

9. Scribble Mug:

Coffee mugs are always relished by fathers.

Materials Required: Plain coffee mug and permanent marker.

Method: Get a plain coffee mug. Using a permanent marker, scribble your thoughts for your dad. Allow it to dry. Once dried, you can gift wrap it.Fathers Day Crafts 09

10. Fridge Magnets

This personalized is the most simple and easy craft to work.

Materials Required: White paper, pen, photos, scissors, small magnets, and glue.

Method: Take the print of all the photos of all the members of the family. Cut just the face of all the photos and stick the magnets on the back side of the picture. Now, take the white paper and write the message and your thoughts for your dad. Stick it on the fridge using the face magnets.Fathers Day Crafts 10

I am thrilled, are you thrilled? Wait not, just a few more days are only left for the most special day of the year. So, get your crafts out and your creative instincts work. Shhh! Keep it secret and surprise your father, this Sunday. Yes! Coming Sunday is the day to celebrate your love for dad and make some wonderful memories for life.


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