5 Awesome Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

by Udita Saklani

Expert 03This Valentine’s Day, inspire your kids in a creative way! Teach them to express love through DIY crafts!

February- the sweetest time of the year is finally here. On Valentine’s Day, engage your kids by teaching them to execute some simple art and craft ideas which can be used as home decoration or could even serve the purpose of gifting. Art and craft sessions between parents and kids get more interesting if they have a theme associated with them. Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to hone your child’s creative skills, along with having fun. So presenting to you our top 5 art and craft picks for kids this Valentine season.valentines-day-crafts-01

1. Marshmallow Bugs:

This one is an edible art and craft, which is not going to last soon. Marshmallows are a hit with kids and it will be difficult to prevent them from eating while working on this one.

Things RequiredMarshmallows, lollipop sticks, gumdrops, mini heart cutter, edible sprinklers, dry spaghetti , white chocolate, corn syrup, edible colors

How to create it?: Slide two marshmallows (or three) on a lollipop stick. Fill a deep bowl or cup with water. Dip the marshmallows in and remove quickly, dabbing excess water on a paper towel. Hold the wet marshmallows over a bowl or plate and sprinkle generously to coat with the sprinkles. Skew 2 marshmallows inside a lollipop stick. Now take the gum drops and keep it on a plate. Using a mini heart cutter , cut the gum drops in heart shape. Some of these hearts should be dipped in red edible color and some in white edible color. Now make very small balls with white chocolate and dip this in black edible color. These small balls will serve as eyes. Now paste them on the white hearts. Now paste two hearts on the gum drop which will serve as the head. Paste the eyes on these white hearts. Skew the red hearts into dry spaghetti. Now slide this dried spaghetti stick, somewhere in the middle of the two marshmallows. Take on red heart and coat it with corn syrup and stick it on the lower marshmallow. This will serve as the belly button. Now again take the gum rolls and cut in the shape of small bowls. Take the dry spaghetti and insert these bowls in an inverted manner. This will serve as the ears. Your marshmallow bugs are ready.

2. Hand-print heart:

This is one art of your child which you would like to preserve forever, just like you preserve so many memories of kids in your heart. This activity is super easy and will not take more than 10 minutes.

Things Required: Paint, paper

How to create it?: Paint your kids hand with a color of your choice. Ask him to imprint this on the paper. Now paint the other hand with a different color, and align this hand on the paper such that a heart shape is formed. Voila, you have beautiful heart to keep.valentines-day-crafts-02

3. Melted crayon hearts:

Do you also have a large number of broken crayons and don’t know what to do with them. Well then this is the perfect art and craft activity for your kids this Valentine.

Things Required: Crayons, silicon Moulds

How to create it?: Preheat the microwave to 250 degrees. Next remove the paper coverings on crayons if any. Cut the crayons into smaller pieces. Smaller the pieces, the less time it will take for them to melt. Now place these crayons into the moulds. Bake these crayons in the microwave at 250 degrees for a good 20 minutes. This will give them enough time to settle. Take them out of the microwave and allow them to cool. After 20-25 minutes you can de-mould them. And they are ready. You can use them as decorative pieces.valentines-day-crafts-03


4. Celery flower stamp greeting cards: 

This one is extremely easy. All you require is celery from your nearby grocery store and some water colors.

Things Required: Celery, water colors, paper, knife

How to create it?: Make a bunch of 5-6 celery. Cut the celery to the bottom and ensure they are all in equal length. On a paper plate pour some water color and mix it to get a proper consistency. Now apply this paint on the bottom celery. Press the celery firmly on the paper and then lift it. You have a flower ready. Once the flowers are ready you can draw the stem and the leaves of the flower. Make your kids write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with a sketch pen on the paper. This will serve as the perfect greeting card.valentines-day-crafts-05

5. Quilled paper hearts:

Quilling is the new thing in the art and craft industry. So why not make it a part of Valentine art and craft as well.

Things Required: Red medium-weight paper, scissors, slim pencil, sticky tape, paper glue, white paper card blank

How to create it: Cut a strip of the red paper measuring 20cm long x 7mm wide. Fold the strip in half lengthways. Roll one end of the red paper strip tightly around a thin pencil or other cylindrical object. Repeat for the other end of the paper, to make the other side of the heart. For a tighter curl, secure the rolled-up paper with sticky tape and leave for a couple of hours. Glue the quilled heart on to the paper card. Write the Valentine message on the card.valentines-day-crafts-06



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