Do I need a baby monitor?

Here is my answer to all you new parents out there who often ask themselves this one question “Do I need a baby monitor?”

When my husband and I were preparing for a new baby and trying to gather all our basic necessities, we would often evaluate the proposition of whether to opt for a baby monitor or just leave it. I mean we needed things like diapers, wet wipes, rash-free creams, bathing essentials, oils, car seat, a crib or a cot maybe. But often due to the not-so-stringent Indian laws, we ignore a lot of other things which can end up being really helpful.  In today’s fast-paced, technologically motivated environment, how can we ignore gadgets and gears which are far more useful than we’d ever imagined?do-i-need-a-baby-monitor-01

I read that in a house where bedrooms are very close together or mom co-sleeps in the initial few months, a baby monitor isn’t necessary. I also read somewhere that a baby monitor isn’t just restricted to being used while the baby is still a ‘baby’. But, to each his own, houses, habits, they are all so different.

So, we co-slept, our rooms are close together, and we bought a baby monitor. That too a digital baby monitor with a handheld parent unit, and WiFi internet viewing. Continue Reading..







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