Top 5 monsoon must haves for kids

by Manali Desai

Expert 01Check out 5 must-have monsoon gears and outfit ideas that will keep your kids stylishly rain-proof this season!

The summer is over and the rains have set in. Though it’s a good time for water play, a walk in the rain and playing with paper boats in the roadside puddles, one needs to be careful. Even though this is considered as the best time to bond with your children and become a kid yourself, care and caution should be your priority in this season when viral fever and all sorts of diseases run rampant. Not to mention that a child is more likely to catch any of these diseases easily and from anyone and anywhere.Monsoon must haves 01

One of the ways to avoid this is by using appropriate monsoon gear and wear. It could be drab, but these days even monsoon gear has so much variety and color that it’ll only cheer up your toddler. Watch their eyes light up as you buy them an umbrella with their beloved Disney character or a sandal which fashions their favorite fruit.

Today, we give you a few such places and brands that provide the kind of gear which will help you and your child enjoy this pouring season without fear!

1. Favorite toon character inspired umbrellas by Disney:

What best way to help bring a smile on your child’s face than by a cartoon character? This will serve two purposes, one, yours to ensure that your kid doesn’t get wet, and second, satisfying your child’s desire to have a Disney character to carry around and show off. Disney brings to you a range of umbrellas with prints of Disney characters like the endeared Princesses,  the much liked Mickey Mouse & and most kids’ favorite super hero Spider-Man.

Price: 750- 1500 INR

Available: At Crossroads, Shoppers Stop, Hypercity, Landmark and John Umbrella Airport outlets across the country/ Flipkart

2. Scarves by Shingora:

Shingora, a fashion hub known for its accessories catering to kids, men, and women, brings to you something to help make this wet season a little more fun for your child. What’s more! It has cartoon characters too! A Disney character to wrap around their minuscule necks would be a perfect accessory for kids to brighten up their attire this monsoon.

Price: 545-1495 INR

Available: Their website/ Flipkart

3. Classy umbrellas by Hamleys:

Hamleys is a place where adults and children alike can get enchanted and lost for hours. This Monsoon, they bring you more charm! Their very own umbrellas. Let your child’s love for Hamleys be known with these eye-catching and super classy umbrellas. Flaunt this stylish-cum-cute monsoon gear monsoon this rainy season! What’s more! They’re even pocket-friendly as the price is very reasonable.

Price: INR 799

Availability: Across all Hamleys stores countrywide

4. Monsoon inspired dresses by Pluiekids:

The latest Monsoon Collection of ‘Pluie’ presents to you a range of apparels designed exclusively for girls between the age- group 2-5 years.This collection includes a navy polka dot over-sized cocoon t- shirt, which comes in a pack of 2 sets for Rs. 1050, which can be paired up with their cotton checked lace hem skirt to give the complete chic look to your little doll ! The best part about Pluie’s outfits is that they are designed carefully in 100% cotton and are given a softner wash to make them more breathable and feel soft against the skin. This is a much and must require quality in kids’ outfits, what with their skin sensitivity and the kind of activities (jumping, running, playing and what not!) the kids engage in.

Price: 1050-1150 INR

Available: Their websiteMonsoon must haves 13

5. Rain-proof footwear by Crocs:

The footwear collection from Crocs exemplifies the very reminiscence of your childhood. Designed especially and specifically for the little ones , this collection features footwear fit for this muddy and wet season. The collection boasts of fun interesting designs competent rightly with the kids. It has an eclectic mix of quirky graphic prints like pineapples, bananas and sweets on their LED sandals sure to charm your child. These are affixed with permanent LED fruit charms that will let up each step of your child the way they light up your life. The adjustable hook and loop will provide the right grip and a secure fit to make your child feel comfortable and the playful graphics will only ensure that these become their favorite from their entire footwear collection. To top it all, this fun is inclusive of classic crosslite foam cushion that the kids love.

Price: 795-3495 INR

Availability: Any Crocs outlet near you/ their website

Hope these help make yours as well your child’s rainy season not so dry! Go have fun shopping for these and then watch your child have fun using them.








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