Flintobox – The ultimate king of kids subscription boxes

We just finished reviewing Flintobox – Amazing Animals for toddlers! Here is why we think this brand is the king of kids subscription boxes

Last week, I received a box in my mail and as soon as I opened it, my boy came running towards what they call – “Flintobox”. It was probably the vibrant colors that sort of caught his attention, so I waited.. Waited to see for how long could this box retain my son’s attention.Flintobox 01

Well! It just did..

Fast-forward to 9 days and Brat H is happy learning about animals. This is what Flintobox has been teaching him this month. All about snakes, deer, bears, lions, tigers and foxes too.

Flintobox, a two-year-old Chennai start-up, sells toys conceptualized by educators, prototyped by designers, and manufactured by top-of-the-line printers. The toys, shipped in a box to customers every month, have “something to create, something to read, something to play, something to explore, with a bonus fun activity thrown in. It sure is an award-winning and age-appropriate subscription box for children, delivered at your doorstep every month! Each box follows a specific theme (it could be focused on wildlife, outer space, vegetables, etc.) is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way. With a new theme every month, this research-based box is crafted by Montessori experts and child psychologists, and caters to the 12 developmental areas of a child.

How my toddler benefited from Flintobox:

1. The box offers fresh ways to teach your toddler basic skills & habits on a weekly basis: For instance, there is an attractive print-out in the box which mentions all the animal words he could use frequently. These words aren’t simple, but am sure, they can help improve his vocabulary in the months to come. Besides, with this box, you could also boost your child’s cognitive skills (e.g. introduce your child to the idea that some animals give birth to multiple young ones, while some give birth to one). By asking Brat H to count baby animals, we could actually revise numbers! Flintobox 06

2. It is perhaps one of the best tools to spend quality time with your little ones: For instance the Snake Links. It took us good 15 minutes to (i) match the animal tiles with their silhouettes on the board and stick them in place; (ii) we made it a memory game by flipping the board over. After two days, we were able to understand the spatial relation and our creative development was at it’s best as we made stories and enacted the role of a serpent. Cool! No?Flintobox 07

3. With Flintobox, your little one can be engaged for long with play-based activities while at home: For instance, we played the little alligator hide-and-seek game. It took me only 3 days to show him how an alligator crawls. Then, I made up a story and enacted it wearing that cute costume. What followed soon after was something that took me by surprise. Brat H was actually noticing me do all that and his creative mind was able to soak it all in. The roles reversed and one fine morning he got into that costume and started pretending like an alligator. It was SO much fun 🙂Flintobox 08

What we loved about Flintobox:

  • Child’s performance assessment: There are small, printable worksheets given with each activity. These sheets are basically used by parents to assess their children’s development. Once, when the activity has been repeated several times, the child’s performance can be rated. Isn’t this cool?
  • Packaging and the inner pouches: It is rather simple. Nothing extremely elaborate, perhaps which makes it super fun and attractive. Besides, the pouches can be later used for other-storage purposes 🙂
  • Quality: Now, that’s what we loved the most about Flintobox. Good quality products, neat and 100% safe for kids to use with or without their parents’ supervision.

To know more or subscribe to Flintobox, click play-based-activities for kids!





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