Top 3 reasons why moms never have time to spare

Are you one of those moms who is always telling others that you have no time to spare and they often wonder why! Then, this post is a must-read for your friends and relatives

Unlike before, these days I look forward to my 10 minute morning ritual. It includes sipping a cup of cold tea and savoring the taste of the biscuit which was left dunked in for a long time – so long that it gets soggy! And of course, there’s the typical ‘morning business’ which has to be a speedy one! Why, you ask? It’s because I only get 10 minutes of ‘me-time’!Moms never have time 01

According to an article published in Dailymail, “A study has found that the average mother ends up with a mere 17 minutes to herself a day. Over the course of a whole week, looking after children and going to work as well as doing the lion’s share of the housework means that the average mother gets less than an hour and a half of waking time to herself, the poll found.”

I am not surprised! Continue reading..






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