Parents can be in jail for this -Funny pictures from our childhood days!

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on May 22, 2015

TCT brings to you a collection of funny pictures that are sure to tickle your bones. Take a look at 11 hilarious moments from the past era that can get our parents in trouble. 

Funny pictures 01

They let us ride their bicycle (an adult piece) and that too without the helmet. They thought our skulls were made of metal or what?

Funny pictures 02

Yah! Right, nobody told us off! They thought it was too relaxing for our gorgeous eyes!?

Funny pictures 03

And they let us sit in the trunk of the car with our legs hanging in the air. They thought we were having fun?!

Funny pictures 04

Who thinks this teddy looks cute? This larger-than-life thing looks half dead. Who asked them to get us such toys that could kill us due to suffocation!

Funny pictures 05

Wow! What a way of life! Is that how you would put us to sleep? What a way to relax us 🙂

Funny pictures 06

Who needs car seats?

Funny pictures 07

But, anyway, is that what you call a car seat?

Funny pictures 08

So what if we were tiny tots? They dressed us in strange costumes.. of retarded beings and extinct animals!

Funny pictures 09

Without a life jacket. Seriously?

Funny pictures 10

Very healthy food went down our throats into our tummies!!

Funny pictures 11

They thought we looked lovely! Euk 🙁 What a fashion blunder..

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