Mother and child

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 17, 2015

Mother and child have such a special bond, an irrevocable relation that starts on a beautiful note and blossoms with time. The Champa Tree revisits an older post- Psalm for my son to once again share a gorgeous motherhood thought, thereby sending out a gentle reminder to all the mothers out there to hold their babies tight.

Mother and child

As you will grow old, I will grow old too.

There will be times when I will imagine holding you tight, so tight that I would get scared of having pressed you so hard.

I will also imagine feeling your bones against mine but they would have grown way too strong against my fragile ones, your skin would have become way too firm against my wrinkled ones..

I will try to find a piece of myself in you, the entire you inside me maybe. Just that then you might not mold and flow back into me.

I shall handle that too my son cause you gave me a meaning to live for and to die for.

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