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As soon as parenthood strikes, new mommy and daddy start making a list of essential baby items, which will make the whole journey of parenting easy and comfortable. The list is pretty thought-through, especially keeping baby-stages in mind. One very essential item in the list is a stroller or a pram. Never ever buy one without having reviewed the stroller buying guide.

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The excitement of parents-to-be cannot be missed, because they start stocking up on baby essentials even before the baby has arrived. These days parents don’t shy away from buying age-specific toys and accessories for kids (even though kids outgrow them really fast). One such thing, which has become nothing less than a necessity these days is a baby stroller. It is one of the best and comfortable way to carry your baby along with you, be it shopping, picnics, stroll in the park or for that matter, even at the weddings

Gone are the days, when parents would wait for their child/children to grow a little older before they could start traveling again. There has been a change in the way we are raising our kids. Parents are traveling a lot more than ever before, and we are seeing couples flying to holiday destinations with a newborn or an infant who is just a few months old.

What makes the whole trip worthwhile is a baby stroller. There are special travel prams being launches (because they are light-weight and easy to fold and carry along, especially during long flight). From going to the park, to taking that first international trip with your baby, a stroller can certainly go down as a must-have item at your home. We present to you the ultimate stroller buying guide.

Types of strollers:

1. Prams

Prams are essentially for the newborn, or babies until they start sitting, in an upright position. While these days, there are prams that can be converted into strollers after a bit, but if you are looking for something sturdy and flat, which stays put then placing your bet on a good old pram can be the best possible option.

2. Strollers

Strollers are much lighter than prams and come in a lot of variants. One main advantage of strollers over pram is that they are adjustable and fold-able. This means that they can be folded or extended as per the convenience and age of your child. Strollers also come in a lot of variety, some of them are:

  • Umbrella Strollers: An umbrella stroller is pretty light and makes traveling very convenient. It goes by its name and folds in an exactly similar fashion as an umbrella. By far it is one of the most fuss-free strollers which 9/10 parents would suggest worldwide
  • Jogging Strollers: As the name suggests, jogging strollers helps you in jogging, while your baby is comfortably seated inside the stroller. The main difference between a jogging stroller and a regular stroller is that the former has larger wheels and is comparatively heavier. These strollers are still kind of new in India but are immensely popular in the West

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Key points to consider while investing in a stroller:

1. Budget: Just like there are different kinds of strollers, their prices also vary accordingly in the market. The bests it is important to find a stroller which fits in your budget range suitably.

2. Utility: The utility of a stroller is also one of the major deciding factors which can be considered while hunting for options. If as a couple you travel a lot, then an umbrella stroller is the best bet as it gets folded within minutes and does not occupy much space.

3. Weight: The weight of the stroller also plays a key identifier when parents are hunting for that perfect stroller. If it is an umbrella stroller, it will be very light and convenient to carry. On the other hand, a jogging stroller might be a little bulky.

4.Convertibility: If you are looking at budget constraints as well, then buying a stroller that serves multi-purpose could be your best bet. lookout for a stroller that can serve you multi -utility options during the newborn stage and the seat can be reclined as your child is growing up through toddler phases.

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