9 Cute Back to School Supplies – Should Be On Your List

The start of school may have been postponed, but don’t let it dampen your kid’s spirit. Stock up on essentials so they can start prepping. They’ll want to label books, sharpen pencils, and organize stationery. Back-to-school supplies are fun! Sustain their excitement with these awesome items.

These new and trendy kids’ school supplies will have your child eagerly waiting for school. Slip in some revision lessons or help them stay ahead. Learning is an ongoing process, and it doesn’t have to start at school!

Remember those fancy pencil boxes with magnets, hidden compartments, and colorful erasers? Back-to-school stationery gets us so excited!

Certain stationery items can’t be missed, and I am sure when you talk about the new term with your kid, they will give you the entire list of cute items. One can see how Amazon, Disney, Peppa Pig, Faber Castell, Classmate, and Marvel to name a few are filling the media with enticing kids’ school supplies. With kids, you’ve got to get them their favorite Marvel character pencil box, their cartoon character bag, or their Disney name tags.

To keep you prepared so you can surprise your kid and get them excited, just tell them about this list!

Which list?

Our List of Back-to-school Supplies for your Not-so-little-ones:

1. Bag

Now if your kid doesn’t already have the bag they love, then it’s time you picked from one of the more popular kits. You can look up Disney’s Back to School Stationary Kit, or get your girl the Frozen or Barbie Bags. For boys, there’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman or the latest Disney’s Jake & The Neverland the Pirate School Kit. Lunch box- From a plethora of lunch boxes available for kids right from the theme of cars, Disney powered- frozen or Barbie or Marvel, etc., one also gets to choose between plastic, thermal, or all steel with layers kind of lunchbox. Kids fancy lunch boxes and when it has their favorite characters imprinted, the chances of lunch not returning home are few.

Spiderman Bag and Barbie Doll Bag - Back to School Supplies
Your stop shop: Spiderman Bag | Barbie Bag | Spider-Man

2. Pencil Box

Companies have made this kids’ school supply a whole lot sassier, and cuter and taken it to another level. Back in the day, all we were left with was Natraj or Apsara Pencils and a Pilot or Fountain Pain. Now, there are neon pencils, flexible pencils, pens with erasers or light, and designer pencil boxes. When it comes to pencil boxes, there’s no limit to what you can get in the market. There’s a multi-functional pencil box, car/bus-shaped pencil box, password-protected pencil box, calculator pencil box, and the list can go on and on and on. Disney, Marvel, Faber Castell, Classmate, and all the other companies have capitalized heavily on this one back-to-school supply. 

Pencil Box for Boys and Girls
Your stop shop: Password Protected Pencil Box | Movable Bus Metal Pencil Box

3. Sipper

This is one thing that not only kids but even adults also fancy carrying to their work front. A sipper, flask, bottle, etc. come in all shapes, sizes, and prints. Most kids prefer lightweight Peppa Pig and character sipper which have a capacity range of 300-500ml, not too heavy but fancy at the same time. These days on Amazon one can also find copper flasks that are gaining popularity, but again you may want to see what your kid usually likes to carry around.

Sipper - Back to School Supplies
Your stop shop: Peppa Pig Water Bottle

6. Notebooks

Notebooks aren’t just notebooks, anymore, but one can’t do without the most credible, good-quality stationery item which is our most sought-after back-to-school item to own. We asked around and found out that most parents are opting for Classmate notebooks sell best in all shapes and sizes. This is one back-to-school supply you cannot miss at all! You can choose to buy one for all subjects or combine two subjects in one notebook, depending on the grade your kid is in. 

Your stop shop: Classmate Exercise Notebooks – Pack of 12

7. Colors

One of the best things about childhood is colors. What a wonderful phase of life where things are only colorful and relaxing. Grab all kinds of Camlin, Camel, and Faber Castell colors – chalk, pencils, pastels, crayons, watercolors, and yes don’t forget the sketch pens! Kids live sketch pens the most and you’d know with the wall art around the house! No one wonders if it is one kid’s school supply that gets consumed the fastest. 

8. Erasers

What a wonderful world we live in these days, as kids we used Natraj erasers (all white) or rather a Camlin white eraser piece but nowadays you get the best of erasers in different sizes for your kids to school supply kits – fruit, veggies, Iron Man, Spiderman, Rapunzel, and whatnot. You could buy a pack of 50 to last a year!

9. Raincoat or Umbrella – Cutest Back-to-school item on the list

Yet again this is such a fantasy thing for kids, all colorful and theme-based. Ensure you pick their favorite cartoon character to wear with pride.

In conclusion, preparing for the back-to-school season can be an exciting and enjoyable time for both parents and children. Despite any challenges, we can make it a special experience by providing our kids with the best tools to kickstart their learning journey. Whether it’s colorful stationery, innovative gadgets, or helpful revision materials, investing in these supplies ensures our children’s enthusiasm and readiness for the academic year ahead.

Let’s embrace this opportunity to instill a love for learning in our kids, fostering their creativity and curiosity. As they embark on a new chapter, we can stand proud knowing that we’ve equipped them with the right resources to succeed.

So, let’s make this back-to-school season one to remember – full of laughter, growth, and a passion for knowledge. Happy learning!

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