Bold and Bald

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on June 7, 2015

Here is a heartfelt story of my bald baby who is loved for his boldness!

This morning you weren’t quite yourself. I mean, you woke up all cranky. So, I thought you were hungry and I fed you some banana milkshake. You seemed to have enjoyed it and a few minutes later the bald you.. Yes! You Brat H, you started throwing things around. Bad-tempered, irritable and bald..All of this makes you look like a little demon 😉

I tried putting you to sleep. The sun was obviously gazing through our window. I drew the curtain and sang your favorite lullaby. You were clearly in no mood for a nap. Therefore, I decided to relax you by massaging your forehead and just when I started doing it, I got so emotional. You know why? Because I missed running my fingers through your hair.

You are bald.Bold and bald 01

Last month, just before you turned 1, we performed a small mundan ceremony (also known as Chudakarana) at home. According to Hindu rituals, a child must receive his/her first haircut at the earliest possible. It is believed that the hair a child is born with is associated with his/her past life. The procedure of mundan signifies freedom from the past and that’s when the child is said to have moved into the future.

Indians across the globe follow this sacrament. As for me, the entire process of getting your head shaved off was an emotional one. Simply for one reason, that during the ceremony, we got rid of something that was a part of what you came out with. Something that evolved while you were busy rolling inside my womb. The first time I held you, the only thing I did was to feel your gorgeous hair. And now that we don’t have them anymore (Well! For some time), I miss them terribly.

The bald you have been acting up lately, screaming at the top of your lungs, getting upset for no reason, clapping and nodding your head each time they play a catchy advertisement on the telly. My cheeky little one, you have been playing peek-a-boo with your mommy, kicking soft ball at your daddy, pulling the hair of your little cousin sister, the bald you have been also doing something pretty bold off late.. You have wanted to kiss mommy on her foot. Now, that’s pretty revolting but I think it’s damn cute for your age.

So, this morning, while I was trying to put you to sleep, I saw you smiling. And, I pictured how you would look at 18, no, maybe 22, no, I think at 30 to be precise! Well, who cares the exact age.. But, what I saw was unbelievable. I could visualise a sexy, young man, nodding his head to the beats of latest music notes, that same young man is enjoying his game of soccer over a pint of beer and screaming at the top of his lungs. That same young man who would want to do god knows what all. The thought of it is a bit scary..

But I must admit that the boldness inside my bald, little baby is something I am in love with..With all my heart

With all my heart, I want to love every bit of your past, present and future!

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