How Can Someone Get A Root Canal If They Can’t Afford It?

Every individual needs to take proper care of their dental health. However, despite taking all the necessary care, most people develop cavities in their teeth. The cavities develop destroys the teeth. All the enamel part of the teeth is worn out and the cavities keep destroying the teeth. After assessing this situation, dental experts mostly suggest root canal treatment. It is the only way to deal with this problem. However, many people avoid or procrastinate this treatment due to the high root canal cost. There are some ways to get root canal treatment if it is not affordable. Firstly, we will know short about this treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

Whenever there is infection or inflammation to the pulp of the tooth then dental treatment is necessary. This is usually caused due to trauma, caries, etc. The root canal treatment will involve pulp removal and shaping the canals properly. Here, appropriate material is used to fill up the space of the pulp. After completion of the root canal treatment, the crown restoration is used.

Why root canal treatment becomes necessary?

  • There is some fracture in the tooth which damages the pulp area.
  • Damage of the pulp tissues is not reversible.
  • Intense pain due to dislodged restoration.
  • Approaching or reaching the pulp area.
  • Possibility of the damage-causing in the deep root area.
  • Night pain while sleeping.
  • Major sensitivity in the infected teeth area.
Root canal treatment easily

Earlier, the root canal treatment would involve 5 to 7 visits to the dental experts. However, now the RCT is also completed in 1 or 2 visits. The root canal is definitely a painful process. However, most of the dentists apply anesthesia at the infected part that numbs that part, and no pain is experienced. However, the pain is not experienced only till the anesthesia is active. In some cases, the complexity of the tooth is more than giving some amount of pain even after application of the anesthesia. However, the dental experts will take all necessary care to ensure that you are getting less troubled due to anesthesia.

What is the cost of the RCT?

The cost of the root canal treatment will vary from the complexity of the teeth and the city in which you are taking the treatment. The cost will be more in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. However, the cost will be a little lesser in cities like Pune, Surat, etc. Next comes the complexity of the teeth, where the more complex situation, the cost will be more. The treatment of the large molar is more than the treatment of the front or anterior teeth.

The cap or the crown used after the root canal also varies as per the type. Also, the caliber of the dental expert from where you are taking the treatment matters a lot in the treatment cost. Generally, the cost of the root canal treatment can vary between Rs.4,000/- to Rs.9,000/-. In some rare cases, the cost can even go up to Rs.20,000/- in case of more complexity.

What factors are involved in the treatment of root canal cost?

  • An initial assessment with X-rays cost.
  • The cost associated with the anesthesia and different other medications.
  • The root canal of the front or large molars.
  • Level of damage caused to the tooth.
  • The region from where you are getting the treatment.
  • Fees of the Dental expert operating RCT

In case you cannot afford RCT?

Due to the high root canal cost, it is not possible for every person to afford the root canal treatment. Many people have a question, whether they can get the these treatments for free.

How to get affordable root canal treatment ?

Some ways where you can get Dental treatment for free or at an affordable cost are:

1. Medical Camps

Medical Camps are organized as a part of social service where the treatment is offered for free. You must research a little if there are any dental treatment medical camps around you. The dental experts there will provide free root canal treatment.

2. Volunteering in medical camps

You can volunteer in the free medical camps. Here, you can request the RCT for free or at a minimal cost.

3. Concessions and discount coupons

Some of the clinics also offers concessions and discount coupons on some occasions. Here, the prices are reduced by almost less than half which you can leverage the benefit.

4. Getting treatment from the government hospital

There is usually a little less cost when you get the treatment from the government hospital. So, you can look around for the government hospital where you do the treatment from the dental students.

So, these are some ways to get root canal treatment when root canal cost is relatively higher. It is always advisable to avoid further dental damage by getting dental care at the earliest.

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