8 Home remedies to cure dry skin in children

by Ila Asthana

Expert 04Practice these home remedies to cure dry skin in kids. They have no aftereffects on the health of the baby

With summer settling in just in time, The Champa Tree brings out the best home remedies to cure dry skin in children. Easy, healthy and zero side effects home remedies that are tried and tested from ancient times.Home remedies to cure dry skin 01

Skin is the visible and the largest organ of the body. Especially in those formative years, the baby’s skin is super sensitive and requires maximum attention. Whether it is summer or winter, dry skin and rashes are definitely a cause of concern and should not be ignored at any cost. Dry skin leads to constant itching and irritation leading to discomfort and crankiness in the baby.

Having said that, in India, we always look for a home remedy which could replace the intake of a medicine or a tonic. The below mentioned home remedies to cure dry skin in children are straight from the grandma’s trunk. Beware! Every child is unique and different. So, what may suit your child, can be learned only through few trials. So, try and practice these home remedies which have no aftereffects on the health of the baby.

1. Natural bath oils:

Oil is the best home remedy for a dry skin. A spoon full of natural oil such as coconut oil or sunflower oil works wonders for dry skin in children. Ensure the water is lukewarm when you add these oils and give the bath.Home remedies to cure dry skin 02

2. Almond oil:

A perfect dose for the mind, body and especially skin. The rich in Vitamin E and are an excellent source of antioxidants that nurtures the dry skin. Ensure you opt for a pure almond oil, which doesn’t have a fragrance.Home remedies to cure dry skin 03

3. Aloe vera gel:

Aloe Vera Gel is an easily available nature’s best medicine, which has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Peel and squeeze the gel from the plant and apply it gently in the dry skin area of the kid. Leave it for ten minutes. A perfect moisturizer and cooling agent for the skin of the baby.Home remedies to cure dry skin 04

4. No chlorine or salt water bath:

In summer, kids are usually attracted to swimming pools. As parents, we allow them to go ahead to play in the pool because we think it would help to cool their bodies. Having said that, we forget that chlorine or salt water in the pool could dry the skin faster and lead to rashes and irritation. Always remember to rinse off your little one with the tap water after the pool party.Home remedies to cure dry skin 05

5. Diet moderation:

Ensure you kid consumes a balanced diet. The intake of the food must have Vitamin A, B, and E which are usually the cause of dry skin when deficient in the body. Avoid too much of sugary products for the kid while having a skin rash. A handful of dry fruits in their daily diet is mandatory.

6. Homemade lotions:

Do not apply any chemically prepared lotions or creams to cure the dry skin in the baby. Try some homemade cream or uptan recipe. One of the famous recipe is the mixture of honey, olive oil and aloe vera gel which keeps the baby’s skin hydrated for a long time.Home remedies to cure dry skin 08

7. Breast milk:

If you are breast feeding your little one, then breast milk is the purest form of home remedy to cure dryness in children. Apply the breast milk in the dry patches of the skin and it can act as the moisturizer.

8. Intake of water:

During summers, ensure your baby takes double the times of usual intake of water.  This would keep the skin hydrated and moist. It will ensure the skin is rash free, energetic and glowing.

Application of these simple home remedies is fairly easy and doesn’t have any tension of side-effects. Having said that, if the skin patch is too red or the itching is persistent with a burning sensation, it is better to visit the doctor immediately. It might a serious case of skin infection, which would need the expert’s attention.




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