I’m Envious Of Moms With Bigger ‘Baby Bumps’

by Suditsha Sanyal

As a mom-to-be, the appearance of that baby bump signified that it’s real, not just to mom herself, but for others to acknowledge as well! I was envious of moms with bigger ‘baby bumps’, and then I found out…

I vividly remember that day, sitting in a reputed Bangalore hospital, waiting patiently for my turn to visit the gynecologist for a regular routine check-up, and each time I saw an expecting mother I wondered and even envied their bigger baby bumps.Moms With Bigger Baby Bumps 01

I was 28 weeks pregnant then…

…And was quite anxious with my baby’s well being and growth. Having lost my first newborn two years back, as an expecting mother I was very apprehensive and wanted everything to be just perfect this time. I was very strict with my own routine, exercise, and diet and left no stone unturned to make sure that my baby was growing in the desired way. Therefore whenever I saw a bigger baby bump an array of emotions engulfed me, be it of nervousness, jealousy or fear. I somehow had a feeling that my baby bump wasn’t that big so when my turn came to visit my doctor I finally asked her about the baby bump size. Knowing my sad history, my doctor first passed me a smile and after checking me and going through my reports said, that I was doing absolutely fine and that there was nothing to be scared or worried about. Later on, she went to explain the reasons for the bigger baby bump.

The reasons were:

1. The height of the mother:

This is one of the most important reason. The taller the mother the smaller is the baby bump and vice-versa. Well, the science behind this is that the taller the mother is the more space uterus gets to push upwards as there is more space available between the lowest rib and hip. Whereas if the height of the mother is short because of the cramped space the uterus starts pushing outwards instead of upward thereby resulting in a bigger baby bump size.

1. Position of the baby:

Baby’s position inside the womb determines the size of the bump to a great extent and this is especially during the last trimester. In this trimester baby changes their position very frequently and prefer a head-down position, so when the baby moves from one side to another the bump size also alters thereby giving it a bigger effect.

2. Multiple pregnancies:

The size of the baby bump can differ in case of multiple pregnancies. If the mother is carrying twins or triplets then it is quite obvious that the bump will be bigger as compared to the one carrying a single fetus and that is because of the stretched abdomen muscle.

3. Amniotic fluid:

Amniotic fluid, the protective liquid which serves as the cushion for the growing baby also affects the size of the bump. If the amniotic fluid is in excess then the belly can appear big.

4. Size of the baby and other medical reasons:

Some families have a legacy of larger babies, so if the baby is big the bump will be big. Other than this there are medical reasons as well which determines the size of the baby bump. If the mother has a medical condition like gestational diabetes her belly might appear bigger.

5. The posture of the mother’s body:

If the mother has an upright body posture the belly appears small, whereas a short and droopy body posture gives the sense of bigger baby bump.

After learning and knowing about the various reasons that guide the size of the baby bump. I felt quite relaxed and relieved. To all the expecting women out there, don’t be anxious about your baby bump instead take good care of yourselves. Put more emphasis on diet, sleep, exercise, routine check-up, and medicine, rest leave it up to almighty. Be positive and happy, have faith and be strong everything will fall in place just the way it did for me. Enjoy motherhood and enjoy your little one’s kicks one of the most precious and happy moments of your life.

Keep blooming!


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