Does your toddler need the special toys?

Expert 03Many new parents struggle with knowing whether their toddler has special needs or not. Does your toddler need the special toys?

Every toddler is different and special. They all need to be cared for and get plenty of attention. However, some toddlers have more needs than others. Different reasons can be related to their health, physical needs, or even emotional and mental requirements.Does your toddler need the special toys 01

The first four years are very important for children’ development. Many new parents struggle with knowing whether their toddler has special needs or not.

The purpose of special toys:

The toys are used by parents for toddlers who have unique needs. The development patterns are similar but not the same for every child. Some children might experience more difficult to adapt and learn. They might have different physical, emotional, or mental needs from the rest of the babies. In these cases, many doctors and social workers advise parents to use special toys.Does your toddler need the special toys 02

Recognize if your toddler has special needs:

It is good to buy special toys as gifts for your toddler as they help in the general development of boys and girls. However, firstly evaluate whether he needs them or not, just to be sure. To figure it out you need to be cautious of his development.

According to the Children’s Inclusive Care Council’s 2005 report, some parts of the child’s development to be cautious of are:

  • Communicating
  • Moving
  • Playing
  • General Behavior

Does your toddler need the special toys 03


There are particular ways to know if your toddler has special needs in any of the above. Some of the signs that your child might have problems with vision are:

  • Blinks very often.
  • Rubs his eyes once in a while even if it is not sleeping time.
  • Avoids activities that are distance or near vision.

Does your toddler need the special toys 04Most of the toys for toddlers can be used as special ones to help improve vision. You can use bright balls, teddy bears, or rubber ducks and play hide and seek.


Your toddler might have trouble hearing if he:

  • Does not react to sounds even after 6 months.
  • Does not recognize your voice even after 3 months.
  • Cannot imitate sounds even after 12 months.

To help your child improve his hearing you should get different noisy toys. Such toys can be instruments, building blocks, toys that speak or sing.Does your toddler need the special toys 05


Some babies experience cognitive problems which can lead to disorders such as ADHD. You can find out if your child is having trouble if he:

  • Does not react to things that he is (not) interested in.
  • Has it difficult to play.
  • Does not engage in social activities.
  • Does not imitate what he sees around.
  • Does not recognize faces or places.

Some of the toys that will help your child’s cognitive development are puzzles, building blocks, and coloring.Does your toddler need the special toys 06


Your toddler might be experiencing language delay if:

  • They have not said their first word by 12 months.
  • Does not babble.
  • Does not point at things when they hear the word by 18 months.
  • Cannot make sense of the words even by 25 months.
  • Does not interact with other children.

Many people advise using toys that are meant to learn the alphabet or numbers. However, those toys are better for children who do not have a language delay. You need your child to learn simple words and differentiate objects. Thus use simple wooden toys, cars or animals. Use Legos or building bricks.

Your child will need special toys if he is experiencing problems with vision, hearing, thinking, and communication. Difficulties in any of them make your boy or girl a child with special needs. If you are using such kind of toys make sure you play with them. Toddlers develop faster and better if they are interacting.



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3 thoughts on “Does your toddler need the special toys?

  1. So incredibly interesting. Thank you. When one my sons wasn’t talking at 12 months, no babbling or anything, one of the first things they did was check his hearing. After that was cleared we knew he heard us well and we moved on to speech therapy to help him develops his language skills. Great post! 😊🙏🏽

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