10 Things I want to teach my daughter

by Udita Saklani

Expert 04Constant bullying and relentless abuse rampant in today’s times has made parents think differently when it comes to raising a girl child. A mom wants to teach her daughter these things. Would you agree or disagree?

They say being a parent is the toughest job in the world. That is because there are days when you would just want to give up on everything.These days might come up in the form of cranky baby, teenage tantrums, kids’ career choices e.t.c. But as much as it’s difficult, it is indeed a beautiful journey where we learn each day from our kids. Yes, you heard it right! As much as our kids teach us, there is also a lot be taught to them in terms of manners, values, ethics and some good habits.

Teach my daughter 01


As I see my little one growing up with each passing day I really want her to be prepared in life which comes with its own set of daily challenges and unpredictability. I don’t know whether I should be saying this or not, but as a mom to a girl, I feel the list is endless.

Here I present my top 10 things which I want to teach my daughter:

1. Have self belief:

Trust me if you have a strong belief, it can take you places. Have faith in your abilities, follow your dreams and don’t give it up until the last try.Teach my daughter 02

2. Respect your body:

Take care of your body. Treat it as a temple. Eat right and exercise well. Pounds will come and go, but don’t go overboard with it. If you have weight issues, try dealing with them and battling it out. Also, take my word on this, weight is not the only thing in the world to be taken care of.

3.  Give everything your best shot:

Give your best shot in everything you do, because your life is defined by opportunities. If someone says you can’t do it because you are a girl, go one step further and prove them wrong.

Teach my daughter 0

4. Be kind:

You are beautiful my little girl, but kindness in your deed will add more sparkle to your face.

5. Learn to play a musical instrument:

You know, I am very low as far as musical talent is concerned. I only sing in the bathroom! Ever since I was a kid, I used to watch Hollywood movies with kids playing the violin and it left me in complete awe! I really wish that you learn the violin, but I leave it completely to you on your choice of musical instrument.

Teach my daughter 04

6. Take time to unwind and travel:

You know, how my feet start itching if I don’t travel after a few months. I am sure you will have this trait from me. So, it doesn’t have to always be an exotic travel location. Take some days off and hop on to an aircraft or train and spend some time relaxing, unwinding and absorbing the nature and its trails.

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Teach my daughter 057. Tell me everything:

I know it’s difficult being a friend to you every time. Sooner or later my motherly instincts are bound to overpower the friendly behaviour. But I promise, I will listen to your complaints, ramblings with a lot of patience with a good mix of friend and mommy emotions.

8. Start saving early in life:

I know you are going to say mom let me start earning at least. But trust me the sooner you start saving in life, the more sorted life is going to be in the future. I started it, thanks to your grand mom, and I am sure you will take this legacy forward.

Teach my daughter 079. Have an open mind:

This beautiful thing called life will show you many beautiful colors and you will meet all sorts of people. Just because someone has a difference of opinion doesn’t mean that he is wrong. Learn to respect what others have to say.

Teach my daughter 0810. Appreciate your own worth:

As a woman, appreciate your own worth. Surround yourself with people who know your worth. You don’t need too many people in your life. Just a handful would do!





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  2. the last point of appreciating your own worth is the key! When you underestimate yourself or take a step back, the world is full of people who would charge on to you!

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