6 Things to consider while shortlisting the best stem cell bank

Stem cell banking is no more an alien concept. With a zillion of cord blood banks setting up their operations in India, which one should you trust? Let’s take a look at the factors that one must keep in mind while shortlisting a stem cell bank!

To have a baby is probably one of the best experiences in one’s life. After all a baby is the most prized possession, and the life is never the same after they have made their entry to this world! One of the main objectives of any parent from then on is to ensure the baby stays healthy and active. But, it’s only unlikely to prevent the child from falling sick. Children fall prey to illness from time-to-time. But, as a parent, it is imperative to identify the early signs of serious health issue. Timely addressing the problem can make sure the child gets proper treatment.Shortlisting the stem cell bank 01

However, with the mind-blowing progress being made in the field of medical science, we can now live a life which is hassle-free. How you may ask! By banking your child’s cord blood at birth. Continue Reading..





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