Did You Know Facts – May Baby

Did You Know Facts #10

Did you know this strange fact about babies that are born in the month of May?

Babies born in May usually weigh on average 200 grams more than babies born in other months.

Did You Know Facts - May Baby

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Information source: Facts Random History

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5 thoughts on “Did You Know Facts – May Baby

  1. Do you know if that has to do with the month or the time of the year? And would it apply to the other side of the world as well? May in the northern hemisphere would be late spring in the southern early fall…


    • So, in my opinion, It has definitely got to do something with the holiday season (which sort of coincides with the second trimester). It is believed that a baby usually puts on weight after 22 weeks of pregnancy. .mother’s hog during festivities and if it happens to be winters, then all the more reason for the May baby to put on more weight!! What say?


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