Indian Unique Baby Names Starting With Letter A and Aa

The most difficult yet exciting task for would-be parents or new parents is the process of finding the top and unique Indian baby names for your little ones. We as parents are always on a lookout for top baby boy names and top baby girl names which gives them a unique identity in this world. This name will stay with your little one throughout his/her life as they grow up to become an adult. Every name has a meaning and parents select a name after careful consideration. Particularly in India, it is believed that unique Indian baby girl names starting with an alphabet have a considerable effect on the child’s personality and development. 

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Indian Baby Names Starting With A (Personality Traits Included)

The letter ‘A’ is considered as one of the most dominant letters of the alphabet. It is considered auspicious in numerology, astrology, and in various religions.

Indian Baby Names Starting With A (Personality Traits Included)

Babies with A letter names are seen to grow up to be independent individuals and they are thought to lead their way. They are motivators, leaders, teachers, researchers and idealistic visionaries. They are bold, courageous and confident in nature.

Here is the Curated List of Authentic Baby Boy Names and Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with A and Aa:

Baby names starting with letter A
Top baby boy names with letter A Top baby girl names with letter A
Abay Father of a multitude Areen Full of Joy
Atharv Lord Ganesh Abhira A cowherd
Ayaan Religiously inclined, God gift Abhithi Fearlessness
Aniket Homeless, Lord Shiva Achira Very short
Amay Lord Ganesh Acira Brief, Swift, Fast
Aryash Brilliant Adhira Lightning
Achit Separation of newborn’s hair Amrusha Sudden
Avyan Perfect Aditha The first root
Aatish Lord Ganesh, Fire Aditri The highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi
Advik Unique Adrika Celestial
Amey Lord Ganesh Advaita Union of matter and soul
Aneek Lord Ganesh Aboli The name of a flower
Arush First Ray of Sun Advika Unique
Arnav Ocean, Sea, Stream, Wave Adya First, Unparalleled
Anvit One who bridges the gap Anuva Knowledge
Aboil Name of a flower Ahana Inner light
Adhyan Name of a prophet Ahina Strength
Ashrith God of wealth, Protector Aishi God’s gift
Aarsh Crown Aishna Desire, Wish
Anmay Unbreakable Aja Unborn, One who is self-existent
Abhav Lord Shiva Ajia Power
Akshaj Lord Vishnu Akhira Splendid or elegant
Ahaan Morning glory, First ray of light Akira Graceful strength
Anvay Integration Akita Bad
Aarshin Pious Amani Wishes, Aspirations
Ayan God gift Aksa Soul
Advay Unique Aksha God’s blessing
Anay Radha’s husband Akshai Goddess Parvati
Agrim Leader, First Akshi Existence
Aviraj To shine as bright as the Sun Akuti Princess
Anvit One who bridges gap Alaina Dear child
Ayog Auspicious time Aloki Brightness
Anishk A person who has no enemy Amaya Night rain
Anik Soldier Amika Friendly
Indian baby names starting with letter Aa
Top baby boy names with letter Aa Top baby girl names with letter Aa
Aabhas The sense Aadhira The Moon
Aabir Gulal Aavani First month of Tamil calendar
Aadhav Ruler Aadanya Suggest meaning
Aadhish King Aadhya First power
Aadi First, Most important Aadita From the beginning
Aadit Peak Aadvika Unique
Aadith Lord of Sun Aadya Goddess Durga; the Initial reality
Aaditva The Sun Aahna Exist
Aadvay Unique Aakarsha Above everybody
Aadvik Unique Aamani Spring season
Aagam Coming, Arrival Aamaya Night rain
Aahaan Morning Aanavi Kind to people
Aahan Dawn, Sunrise Aangi Decorating the God
Aahil Prince Aanya Gracious
Aahnik Prayer Aaoka Lustrous
Aahva Beloved Aapti Fulfillment
Aalam The whole world Aara Light bringer
Aalap Musical Aaravi Peace
Aalekh Picture or painting Aarin Mountain strength
Aan The Sun Aarna Goddess Laxmi
Aanav Humane Aarohi A musical tune
Aabhra Cloud Aarvi Peace
Aangat Colorful Aashika Lovable
Aanick Suggest meaning Aashirya From the land of God
Aapt Trustworthy Aashka Blessing
Aaradhy Worshipped Aashna Beloved, Devoted to Love
Aarav Peaceful Aashni Lightning
Aariket Against desire Aashvi Blessed and victorious
Aarish Ray of Sun Aasia Hopeful
Aarit Seeks the right direction Aasmi I am
Aariv King of wisdom Aasra King of fame
Aarush First ray of Sun Aasya Dance by Goddess Parvati
Aaryav Noble person Aathi Arranger or adjuster
Aarth Meaningful Aayana The mirror

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      V: Vihaan, Vihana, Ved, Vahini, Vanya, Viraaj, Viraat, Varya, Viraal, Vir; D: Daani, Dina, Dwij, Daksh, Dakshita, Diya, Dia, Davya Dwisha

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      Advik, Arihant, Aaryan, Aarav, Anay, Aaron, Advait, Mihir, Miheer, Maanav, Moulik, Manik

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    Ekamay एकमय -(adj.) uniform, consisting of one

    😊 Ekamul / Ekmool एकमूल -(adj.) having one root
    🎷Ekanatएकनट -(adj.) manager, principal actor in a drama
    🏤Ekaneed एकनीड -(adj.) having a common abode , only one seat
    $ Ekapat एकपात -(adj.) sudden, rapid, happening at once, (m.) first word of a mantra
    $ Ekarad एकरद -(m.) one tusked

    Ekaraj एकरज – false daisy flower or tree

    Ekaraj/Ekaraaj एकराज -(adj.) shining alone, alone visible (m.) monarch, only one king or ruler, King alone

    Ekaarth/Ekarth एकार्थ -(adj.) having same meaning, synonymous, having same aim

    Ekarup/Ekaroop एकरूप -(adj.) uniform, one coloured, of one kind , (n.) one form

    $ Ekasam एकसम -uniform
    $ Ekasunu एकसूनु -only son.Here sunu means son

    Ekataan एकतान -(adj.) of same or equal extent, directed to one object only, closely attentive, (m.) harmonious tone or song

    Ekin एकिन् – (adj. ) simple, consisting of one

    ● Ekag एकग -attentive to only one object
    $ Ekah एकाह -ceremony or religious festival lasting one day, duration of one day.Here एक means one+ अह means day
    * Ekaj एकज -(adj. ) born or produced alone or single, solitary, alone of its kind.Here एक means one +ज means born or son
    $ Ekak एकक -(adj.) alone, single ,exclusive , sole

    Ekesh एकेष -(adj. ) furnished with only one pole

    $ Ekiya/Ekiy एकीय -(adj. ) partisan, companion, associate, single in its kind, belonging to same party
    ☆ Ekagram एकाग्रम् -with undivided attention
    $ Ekalok एकलोक -possessing one world
    $ Ekakar एककर -one-rayed, one handed, doing or effecting one .Here एक means one+कर means hand, ray or doing

    Ekasya एकास्य -one faced.Here एक means one +आस्य means face

    Ekatay एकतय -single, one by one

    ● Ekadish एकदिश -unidirectional
    🌕Ekahamएकाहम -during one day

    Ekahan एकाहन -single day

    🌳Ekang एकांग -(adj.) constituting one body, of planet mars, A name of lord Vishnu, body guard (n.) most excellent member of body, head, sandal wood, single member , relating to or extending over one part only , incomplete,

    Ekansh एकांश -one part, single part

    $ Ekarch एकर्च -a sigle verse

    Ekagrah एकाग्रह -intent , concentrated

    🏇 ‘Ekasheel’/Ekashil’ एकशील (adj. ) -of one and the same nature or
    🔔 Ekadev एकदेव -Supreme lord
    ♧ EkAyu एकायु – affording excellent food or chief vigour of life
    👓 Ekal एकल – alone solitary
    ☺ Em/Ema एम -way , course
    🐐 En एण – black antelope

    Edhas एधस् – prosperity, happiness

    👨Esh एष( means as masuline or noun)-wish , option, this, & as adjective it means -gliding , running , seeking
    🏇 Evayavan एवयावन -going quickly
    ● Ejan एजन -tremor, shivering

    Edhit एधित -grown, filled up, enlarged

    ♥ Ekadyu एकद्यू- sporting with excellence,truthfully or uniquely delighting. [ It was the name of a Rishi ]. Here एक means unique, excellent + द्यु means-playing or sporting with, delighting
    💲Ekadyu एकद्यु- supreme sky. Here एक means supreme +द्यु means sky, heaven

    Ekalu एकलू- one who cuts in a single happening, one who mouns uniquely, unique archer. Here एक means happening only once, unique, excellent + लू means to be cut or moun

    🔫 Ekalavya एकलव्य- “who hewn down or cut uniquely”, “who cuts in a single happening”,who cuts or mouns excellently”(excellent archer, unique warrior). Here एक means unique, pre-eminent, a single happening + लव्य means to be cut or moun or hewn down.
    [ In Mahabharata Ekalvya was an excellent archer even better than Arjuna]
    $ Ekajanman एकजन्मन् -“once born”, having pre-eminent birth (a King). Here एक means once, pre-eminent + जन्मन् means born or birth

    Ekajyotis एकज्योतिस्- ‘the only light’, Shiva .Here एक means only +ज्योतिस् means light

    $ Ekataan एकतान- directed to one object only, closely attentive, tone or song. Here एक means single +तान means tone, attentive

    Ekataal एकताल- harmony, unison (of song, dance & instrumental music)

    $ Ekatejan एकतेजन- having a single shaft (as an arrow)
    Here एक means single +तेजन means a shaft

    Ekadish एकदिश्- being in same quarter or direction. Here एक means one +दिश् means direction

    $ Ekadevat एकदेवत -devoted or offered to one deity, directed to one deity. Here एक means directed to one + देवत means deity

    Ekadhan एकधन- a choice portion of wealth, “put down in an odd number”, Name of a particular water vessel by means of which water is taken up at certain sacrificial observances

    $ Ekanath एकनाथ- having one master. Here एक means one + नाथ means master

    Ekadhanavid एकधनविद्- obtaining the chief portion of wealth .Here एक means chief +धनविद् means one who obtains wealth

    $ Ekadhanin एकधनिन्- having one part of wealth, having choice portion of wealth. Here एक means one part + धनिन् means wealth

    Ekapatnik एकपत्नीक- having one wife. Here एक means one + पत्नीक is used for wife

    $ Ekapar एकपर- of singular importance, first of all (said of dice), more important than any other

    Ekapaat एकपात- happening at once, sudden, rapid. Here एक means once +पात means happening

    $ Ekamanas एकमनस्- fixed the mind upon one object, concentrated, unanimous

    Ekamool एकमूल- having one root. Here एक means one +मूल means root

    $ Ekayam एकयम- monotonous
    ♥ Ekayaavan/Ekayavan एकयावन्-excellent rider, one who excellently drives, Name of a king. Here एक means excellent, pre-eminent + यावन् means a rider horseman, driving, riding, invader, going
    ♥ Ekarath एकरथ- an eminent warrior

    Ekarad एकरद- “one tusked”, lord Ganesha . Here एक means one + रद means tusked

    $ Ekarshi एकर्षि- the only or chief Rishi .Here एक means one or chief +ऋषि means Rishi

    Ekavat एकवत्- simple, like one

    $ Ekavidh एकविध- simple, of one kind. Here एक means one +विध means kind/type

    Ekavir/Ekaveer एकवीर- a unique or pre-eminent hero. Here एक means unique + वीर means hero

    $ Ekayodh एकयोध्- a unique or pre-eminent warrior. Here एक means unique + योध् means warrior
    @ Ekavart एकवर्त- forming one whirl . Here एक means one + वर्त means whirl

    Ekavrit एकवृत- being one, simpleIt is joining of एक + वृत

    $ Ekavrat एकव्रत- obedient or devoted to one person only, keeping a fast in which food is taken once only Here एक means one + व्रत means fast, obedient towards

    Ekashayin एकशायिन्- “sleeping alone”, chaste. Here एक means alone + शायिन् means sleeping

    $ Ekashung एकशुङ्ग- having but one sheath(as bud) Here एक means one + शुङ्ग means sheath

    Ekashring एकशृङ्ग- unicorn, having but one peak (a mountain), pre-eminent, being of singular eminence (lord Vishnu). Here एक means one, singular + शृङ्ग means peak, horn, eminence

    $ Ekashrutadhar एकश्रुतिधर- keeping in mind what one has heard once. Here एक means one + श्रुति means to listen + धर means to hold

    Ekasarg एकसर्ग- closely attentive, having mind intent upon one object.It is joining of एक + सर्ग

    $ Ekasth एकस्थ- standing together, conjoined, assembled. Here एक means one, unity + स्थ means standing

    Ekahans एकहंस- ‘the only destroyer of ignorance’, the supreme soul inhabitated by a solitary or unique swan

    $ Ekahalya एकहल्य- once ploughed. Here एक means once + हल्य means ploughed
    ♥ Ekakshar एकाक्षर- “the sole imperishable thing”, a single syllable, the sacred monosyllable (om), Name of an Upanishad . Here एक means sole + अक्षरmeans syllable, imperishable

    Ekagratas एकाग्रतस्- with undivided attention

    $ Ekagrachitt एकाग्रचित्त- concentrated, attentive. Here एकाग्र means attentive + चित्त means mind

    Ekagrya एकाग्र्य- closely attentive

    $ Ekantam एकान्तम्- solely, exclusively, necessarily

    Ekantatas एकान्तस्- solely, invariably, necessarily

    $ Ekantik एकान्तिक- devoted to one aim or object or person or theory

    Ekaram एकाराम- having but one object of pleasure.Here एक means one + आराम means pleasure/object of pleasure

    Ekaik एकैक- single, one by one, every single one. Here एक means one, single.It is joining of एक + एक

    $ Ekanibh एकनिभ- uniform

    Enatilak एणतिलक- “deer marked”, moon. Here एण means deer + तिलक means mark

    $ Enank एणाङ्क- “deer marked”, moon. Here एण means deer + अङ्क means mark

    Enanetra एणनेत्र- “deer-eyed”, one. Here एण means deer + नेत्र means eye

    $ Enavilochan एणविलोचन- deer-eyed. Here एण means antelope + विलोचन means eye

    Enaksh एणाक्ष- deer-eyed. Here एण means deer + अक्ष from word ‘अक्षि’ means eye

    $ Enekshan एणेक्षण- deer-eyed.Here एण means deer+ ईक्षण means eye

    Enidrish एणीदृश्- deer-eyed. Here एणी means deer+दृश् means eye

    $ Eninayan एणीनयन- deer-eyed. Here एणी means deer + नयन means eye

    Enak एणक- a species of deer (black antelope with short legs)

    $ Etagva एतग्व- shining (said of horses), variegated colour

    Etak एतक- rushing, darting, shining,of variegated colour, a keen of deer or antelope, brilliant

    $ Etash एतश- of variegated colour, shining, a variegated dappled horse, A Brahman

    Etashas एतशस्- a Brahman

    $ Eman एमन्- way, course

    Edhatu एधतु- prosperity, hapiness, increased, grown

    $ Erang एरङ्ग/एरंग- a kind of fish [Cyprinus Marginatus]
    》 Elang एलङ्ग- a kind of fish [Cyprinus Marginatus]

    Erak एरक- a woolen carpet

    $ Ervaru एर्वारु- melon
    》 Ervaruk एर्वारुक- melon

    Edhavat एधवत्- kept up with fuel

    》Elaay एलाय- to be wanton or playful
    $ Elaan एलान- orange

    Evayavat एवयावत्- going quickly

    $ Eshaishya एषैष्य- desirable, to be sought for

    Elavalu एलवालु- the fragrant bark of Feronia Elephantum, the name of a perfume

    ♥ Elaak एलाक- sport, pastime

    Eluk एलुक-a kind of fragrant substance

    ■●■ Ena एना means-(ind.) in this manner, thus, then, at that time

    Ena / Enaa एना – black antelope

    ● Eni / Enee एनी- river, Gazelle (doe)

    Enakshi एनाक्षी -(f.) deer like eyed, beautiful eyed girl, girl having eyes like an

    antelope.It is made with joining of two words ‘Ena’+’akshi’.Hereएना means female antelope+अक्षि means eye
    ♡ Esha एषा -(f.) wish, this

    Ekashruti एकश्रुति -Vedic passage

    ● Ekamati एकमति -(adj.) unanimous, concentration of mind

    Eta/Etaa एता -(f.)hind (female deer)

    Etakshi एताक्षी -deer eyed, female or girl having beautiful eyes.This name is made by joining two words’Eta +Akshi’.Here एता means hind +अक्षि means eye

    Elika एलिका -small cardamom

    Elaa/Ela एला -sport, cardamom, pastime, merriness

    Ekina एकिना means-(adj.) simple, consisting of one

    Ekaja एकजा -(adj.) born or produced alone, single, alone of its kind,

    Ekoti एकोति -(adj.) tending to one single purpose, having one & same object of desire or aim

    #Ekagni एकाग्नि -(adj.) keeping only one fire (m.) one & the same fire

    Ekokati एकोक्ति -single word or

    expression.It is made with joining of एक+उक्ति.Here ukti means word or expression
    #Eshanika एषणिका -goldsmith’s scale

    Ekahna एकाह्ना -(ind.) during one day

    Eshati एषति -(verb) attain, move, creep, glide, seek, search

    Eshani एषणी -iron or steel probe

    Ekadha एकधा -(ind.) at once, simply, singly, together

    Eshana एषणा -request, desire, solicitation, seeking with

    #Edhasi एधसी means-prosperity, happiness.This is feminine form of ‘Edhas’/(एधस् )

    Edhita एधिता -grown, filed up, enlarged

    Edha एधा -spread, prosper,rise, grow strong, become happy.This is feminine form of Sanskrit word [(एध)/एध्]

    Edhini एधिनी – (f.) earth

    Edhasa एधसा – hapiness, prosperity, fuel.This name is derived from Sanskrit word (एधस्)

    Ekavira एकवीरा- unique or pre-eminent heroine, highly brave [It was the name of daughter of lord Shiva .It is feminine form of एकवीर

    $ Ekajata एकजटा- having a twisted lock of hair (as ascetics), it is the name of a godess. Here एक means one + जटा means twisted lock of hair

    Evayavati एवायावती- going quickly. It is feminine of एवायावत्

    $ Ekeshvari एकेश्वरी- supreme goddess, supreme queen
    Here एक means supreme, chief + ईश्वरी means queen, goddess

    Ekaa एका- unity, union, a name of godess Durga

    $ Eti एति- arrival, approach

    Ekaparna एकपर्णा- ‘living upon one leaf’, Goddess Durga.Here एक means one + पर्णा means having leaf

    $ Ekaparnika एकपर्णिका- ‘living upon one leaf’, Goddess Durga .Here एक means single + पर्णिका means leaf

    Ekapushpa एकपुष्पा- ‘producing only one blossom’, Name of a plant. Here एक means one + पुष्पा means blossom

    $ Ekamayi एकमयी- uniform, consisting of one. It is feminine form of एकमय

    Ekamoola एकमूला- Common Flax, A medicinal plant known for psychedelic effects [Desmodium Gangeticum- Bot.]

    $ Ekayashti एकयष्टि- ornament consisting of a single pearl. Here एक means a single + यष्टि means pearl ornament

    Ekayashtika एकयष्टिका- ornament consisting of a single pearl

    $ Ekarajyi एकराज्ञी- absolute queen, the only queen. Here एक means only, absolute + राज्ञी means queen

    Ekavrata एकव्रता- obedient or devoted to only one person.It is feminine of एकव्रत

    $ Ekashayini एकशायिनी- chaste lady (sleeping alone). Here एक means alone + शायिनी means sleeping lady

    Ekashringa एकशृङ्गा/एकशृंगा -unicorn, pre-eminent, having but one peak. It is feminine of एकशृङ्ग .Here शृङ्ग means peak, horn, eminent

    $ Ekashrushti एकश्रुष्टि- obedient to one
    command.It is joining of एक+श्रुष्टि

    Ekastha एकस्था- standing together, conjoined.Here एक means one + स्था means standing

    $ Ekakshara एकाक्षरा- the sole imperishable thing, a single syllable.It is feminine of एकाक्षर .Here एक means one +अक्षर means imperishable, syllable

    Ekagryaa एकाग्र्या- closely attention

    $ Ekanjali एकाञ्जलि/एकांजलि- one handful. Here एक means one +अञ्जलि means handful

    Ekanansha एकानंशा- “the single portionless one”, Durga, name of the new moon

    $ Ekavali एकावली- a single row, single string of pearls or beads or flowers . Here एक means single + अवली/अवलि means row, string of pearls, flowers

    Ekashtaka एकाष्टका- 8th day after full moon (esp. of month माघ)

    $ Ekashti एकाष्टी- a pod or seed of cotton

    Ekanibha एकनिभा- single, uniform. It is feminine of एकनिभ

    $ Ejita एजिता- to shine

    Enika एणिका / एनिका- a female antelope. In ancient time it was the name of a woman

    $ Etaa एता -a hind

    Etavaddha एतावद्धा- so many fold

    Eraka एरका- a kind of grass of emollient and diluent properties

    $ Eraki एरकी- a species of plants

    Eraa एरा- an ewe

    $ Edaka एडका- an ewe
    ♥ Evaya एवया- going quickly
    $ Eshti एष्टि- wish, desire,”seeking to go towards”

    Ehaa एहा- desirous. It is feminine of एह

    ■ Elavali एलावली- a species of plant
    😆 Eranda एरण्डा- Name of a charm, long pepper
    ● Elayati एलयति- to keep still, to become quiet
    ■ Elaparni एलापर्णी – Himalayan Mimosa [ Mimosa Octendra -Bot.]

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    Starting A and 5or7 laers

  • November 21, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Great collection of names. Most of them are super cute names. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work.

  • June 27, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    Hi, Could you send me unique modern name and also mata laxmi names and also Sanskrit name starting with A, AA, O, V and U.

    • June 27, 2018 at 3:58 pm

      Above comment is for Baby girl

  • November 5, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Can.you please suggest me god laxmi.related names for baby girl..

    • November 13, 2019 at 8:05 am

      Hey! Search by ‘baby girl names’ on our blog and you will find quite a few options 🙂

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  • July 16, 2020 at 9:31 am

    Hindu Boy Names Starting with Aa –


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