Dear Son – It’s Time You Know That Your Dad Is Suffering From Depression

by Usri Sen

Personal story of depression and anxiety. A heart-wrenching letter to his son. A dad who would like to go anonymous admits to his son that he is suffering from depression

Dear Son,

Here is something I have been meaning to tell you for years. Let me start by giving you a glimpse of my life…

8:00 AM… Breakfast on table…Check; 8:15 AM…Getting the son ready for school …Check; 8:30 AM…Packing his bag and his tiffin box …Check; 8:32 AM…Running to switch off the stove…But the boiling milk pours out and so do my tears…Evaporation…Check; Breakdown…Check.

Ever since your mum passed away to that ill-fated car accident 2 years ago, I have been fighting the chronic depression that initially hit me like a thunderbolt only to rise to a volcano deep inside. If not for you my son, I would have been devastated long back leading to the path of self-destruction.Dad Is Suffering From Depression 01

Initially, I could not even realize the mental illness that was breeding inside me like a parasite, it’s a pity that in our country mental illness or disorder is shamed and misunderstood. It is more brutal for men suffering from this disease because, hey, we have been conditioned to believe that “Men don’t cry”.

Like every other day, today started with I shuttling in between the daily chores and holding back the tears with all my might. But then came a threshold point of the milk pouring out and I could no longer hold myself back. In between whimpering and wiping tears in hurried motion, you stood in front of me. You came around and hugged me and said, “Dad, I have noticed that you have been sad for a really long time and I want to tell you that it is okay to cry and to share your pain with me”.

I led the tears flow again, only this time, the reason had a happier tinge. I could not have been more proud of you, my son who showed that sensitivity knows no gender.

Here are a few things that you have taught me with that magical line wrapped ever so gently in that warm hug, my son, and I’d like to share this with everyone out there who is reading this…

1. It is most definitely fine to shed a tear or 2 irrespective of the gender, crying is not a sign of weakness, but instead, it is a sign of being a deeply emotional individual

2. Depression signs range from mood swings, feeling of insomnia, excessive fatigue, and hunger, agitated behavioral pattern, lack of concentration, sudden weight gain or loss, a random chain of thoughts. If you experience any of these signs, please seek help. You might want to begin by sharing your thoughts with someone you trust and then gradually move on to seek professional help

3. Nothing works if you are not determined to get better, get happier. I initially lived in denial until I had no other way to work towards being happier. So the will power and faith to seek transformation is of utmost importance. Remember, you are on ground zero, either you tilt towards the negative zone or the positive one. The choice ALWAYS remains with you

4. It might be a good idea to go inwards and indulge in introspection. It helps to change age-old perceptions shackled in traditional barriers

5. Teach children to be compassionate and lead them to the broader canvas of life rather than conditioning their growth in tiny rat holes.

So Dear Society, STOP JUDGING!

Dear Men, Dear Brother, Dear Dad, Dear Husband, Dear Son, Dear Boyfriend, Dear Lover, and Dear Friend, shake a little, shed a tear…

Just BREATH AND CRY and let the steam out…Without guilt.

Thank you, son, for being there!

Love you,



Without guilt.



Disclaimer: If you or someone you know shows any of the warning signs, please don’t hesitate in seeking professional help. Book an appointment with the counselor.



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6 thoughts on “Dear Son – It’s Time You Know That Your Dad Is Suffering From Depression

  1. I teared up reading this. This is one reason I try to be open about my own struggles with depression- we need to stop treating it like a taboo topic or a personal defect! It’s not weak to admit you are hurting- in fact, it takes great courage to tell someone close to you how you feel. ❤️

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