I didn't use my voting rights for years 01

I didn’t use my voting rights for years. Am I ashamed?

I didn’t use my voting rights for years. I moved out of my hometown for studies once I turned 18, and as a student for the next 5 years had no documents and proofs of residence required to get myself registered as a voter. Am I ashamed?

A psalm for my son

A letter to a son about his mother’s selfless love and how she prepares for an eventual letting-go that may happen one day as he grows-up and embarks on his own journey of parenthood

Beautiful poems 03

Beautiful poems from Ginger and Honey

We have handpicked a beautiful poem from Ginger and Honey – an unusual free verse poetry collection eBook. Ever wondered why the art of existence is considered to be the key of all living creatures? Give How to exist a gentle read to understand!

Happy Fathers Day Quotes 01

6 Best and inspirational Happy Father’s Day Quotes

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on June 20, 2015 On the occasion of Father’s Day, as a part of our #ThankYouSuperDad series, we bring to you 6 best quotes for your lovely dads. So, this Father’s Day, make sure to share a quote while you are wishing him- a ‘Happy Father’s Day!’   You might…

Liebster Award - The Champa Tree

Liebster Award

So excited to be nominated for Liebster Award. Means a lot to me. Thanks so much Vasantha, founder of My Sweet Nothings! I am honored 🙂

Mothers Day 04

Everyday should be Mother’s Day!

I have been writing on motherhood for almost 4 months now and not once have I graciously mentioned anything about this one woman who has sacrificed her entire life for us (I and my brother). My mother, Oh! My Ma, why have I never thanked you enough!

Dear Children 02

Dear Children

As a part of the #MyMotherMyHero campaign, TCT invited one of their favorite bloggers to contribute. Here is a beautiful piece by Sandra from A Mommas View. An emotional letter from a mother to her children. Each and every word has been handcrafted with motherly emotions, love, and warmth..Read on to dive deep into the ocean of infinite love..

Dear Mummy 02

My dear Mummy…

As a part of the #MyMotherMyHero campaign, TCT brings to you a beautiful poem written by Neha Talwar. Emotions are best expressed in writing..So, this Mother’s Day, make your dear mummy feel special, gift her a poem!