Symptoms Of Childhood Anxiety 01

Stomach Aches And Other Hidden Symptoms Of Childhood Anxiety

Do you know that a common problem like stomach ache can be one of the symptoms of childhood anxiety? Anxiety is a normal reaction of body and mind to anything threatening or dangerous. Anxiety is a very natural human response and everybody feels anxious at some point in time in their life.

Difference Between Seasonal and Swine Flu 01

Know the Difference Between Seasonal and Swine Flu

Those aged between 5 to 25 are thought to be at higher risk of swine flu complications. On the contrary, seasonal flu complications usually affect the elderly and kids under 5.

Child Health Nursing Tips 01

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease – Child Health Nursing Tips to Remember

Did you know about these child health nursing tips to treat Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFM)? It is a viral infection that causes really painful red boils or blisters in the oral cavity (mouth and throat), on the limbs (hands and feet) and sometimes also extends to the diaper area.

Signs of a tongue tie 02

Signs of a tongue tie and ways to treat

Is your little one unable to latch and such properly? Does your baby feel pain and restlessness in chewing or licking?