Holi 07

And this is how we celebrated Holi

Take a look at how we played Holi- the festival of colors! The colors were 100%organic and we had so much fun! Besides, the sun came shining on us after a REALLY long time! Brat H had a lot of fun and this time his cousin joined in to celebrate too..


Feeling funny today Part II

This time, Ace joined us and we all had some wicked time have heaps of fun! You are most welcome to be a part of this fun party!

Hug it out 02

Hug it out!

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 6, 2015 ‘Hug it out’ means a lot to me and here is hoping that instead of holding yourself guilty for something that wasn’t completely your fault, you might want to do the same! Mom and Brat H have been unwell for the past few days. We have got cold…

The year it was, 2014!

As I see you all posting ‘the year it was’ with the lovely pictures of the beautiful holidays you took, those crazy parties you attended, the dances that rocked the floor, the weddings you gate-crashed and the wines you tasted, the men and women you met and dated, the dresses you flaunted.

childhood-then-now-featured 01

Top 6 Childhood Then and Now

Top 6 old world charms vs new world’s high-tech pulp. The former has been long forgotten and the later has been driving kids towards a super fast paced life. When should you introduce your child to a smart phone or a tablet or other smart gadgets? Well, that’s really upto you. But, would you really…